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We Made it to Mongolia!

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:57 AM by Michael E

Written by Michael Enness   
Saturday, 01 September 2007

After 5 weeks hard driving UlaanBator - the finish line - came into sight in the distance, a huge city in an otherwise empty landscape. We had done it - driven 8550 miles from Poole, United Kingdom to UlaanBator, Mongolia, accross 10 other countries along the way. Over those 5 weeks we had bribed police, been held for hours at border crossings, witnessed all kinds of crazy driving and camped in the Gobi Desert.

Since flying home I have written an article for a couple of magazines and uploaded many of our photos to the photo section. There are also progress reports in this section here, which detail exactly what we got up to, the text messages we sent home and the preparation we did before setting off.

So check out the links below, or select wether you want to read about the journey, or the preparation from the menu on the left.

Progress Report 6th - 13th August

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:57 AM by Michael E

Monday, 13 August 2007

Appologies for the lack of updates! I was away for the weekend and wasn't expecting the boys to be able to send any txts!

LocationDate and Time

 Samarkand (Uzbekistan)

"Bukhara was really amazing culture and market. Lights seem optional at night here! People out here know much more UK football than me, car ok on 80 fuel. "

 06-08-2007 at 15:57

 Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

"Just getting other teams puncture fixed, had fun being led round the City by Police last night trying to find a hotel that doesn't exist!

 08-08-2007 at 11:29

 Biskek (Kyrgystan)

"Found an amazing place to camp in the mountains last night and now in nice hotel in Bishkek. fantastic roads here, but car struggled a bit at 10000ft!!

 10-08-2007 at 12:49

 Almaty (Kazakhstan)

"About half way to Semi now, hoping to be crossing into Russia tomorrow. Slightly cooler yesterday, we're shivering at 24 degrees!

Progress Report 1st - 5th August

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:57 AM by Michael E

Sunday, 05 August 2007

Well the boys made it to Kazakhstan, I'm sure Matt was giggling thinking of Borat whilst he drove through... (I told him that it would not be funny to have the sticker on the car!) Apparantly they found a four star hotel and indulged in some cold beers. Sounds like this trip is far too easy! What happened to sleeping in a tent?!

I have now managed to find a way of adding comments, if you look below this or any other article there are some pretty icons. Click on the the speech bubble to add a comment.

LocationDate and Time

 Atyrau (Kazakhstan)

"Matt just went into the back of Team Mon Goals Panda, but thankfully no real damage done. Roads are no longer paved much but we're both having fun! "

 01-08-2007 at 14:57

 Bukhara (Uzbekistan)

"Crazy last few days driving through the middle of nowhere with a drunk hotel owner and crazy Lada driver taking us in. Sunday is rug washing day here!


Progress Report 29th - 31st July 2007

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:56 AM by Michael E

Tuesday, 31 July 2007
LocationDate and Time

 Volgograd (Russia)

"Got pulled over for driving on the wrong side! Used puppy dog look to get let off. Looking for hotel then will go sample Russia's most famous! "

 29-07-2007 at 18:36

 Astrahan (Russia)

"Can't find a hotel here so we're trying to decide what to do. Good day on the road otherwise car running well and we're with 3 other cars.

 30-07-2007 at 15:17

 Astrahan (Russia)

" Setting off to the border! With 6 other cars now, and the roads are great. Russia has weed growing at the roadside! Well over 30c and its lovely here. "

31-07-2007 at 05:53

 Atyrau (Kazakhstan)

" Been driving for several hours in Kazakhstan! Lots of Camels everywhere and not much else! Just entering Atyrau with 3 other teams. "

Progress Report 26th - 28th July 2007

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:56 AM by Michael E

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Appologies for the lack of updates recently, here is the latest news on the boys adventure! If I can figure out the comments thing on this and anyone actually reads this, please feel free to leave some encouraging messages because I think the journey is going to get pretty tough!

LocationDate and Time

 Luhansk (Ukraine)

"Got turned away from the border for trying to go through in the wrong place. Ruins Moscow plan. Staying in Luhansk and crossing to Volograd RVS tomorrow! "

 28-07-2007 at 12:44

 Belgorod (Russia)

"Getting close to Border, pulled over for doing 90kph in a 60?, paid a $15 fine, hoping to make it to Moscow tomorrow! Sorry about last txt, phone rubbish!

 28-07-2007 at 00:52

 Kiev (Ukraine)

" Made it to Kiev staying in 3 star hotel. Had to throw out most spare parts to save weight as car is very low. Drivers surprisingly polite here! "

Progress 27th July 2007

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:56 AM by Michael E

Written by Michael Enness   
Friday, 27 July 2007

Hello everyone,

Heres a quick update from Kiev, Ukraine. We arrived here last night at 11pm after being on the road for 10 hours. The roads here are poor or very poor, with pot holes big enough to damage our car, even the brand new roads cant be trusted not to throw a huge crater at you. Right now we're travelling with one other team,Team Mon Goal in their car Red Panda. With them we're going up to Moscow and then entering Kazahkstan sometime next week, where we're hoping to join up with one other team.

The Ukraine border was a surreal experiance. Very James Bond, with Ukrainian boder guards marching around telling us what to do. Our car was pulled to one side and the Customs official "Natalia" took my papers and marched off with them. She went to all the officies and shouted at all the other officials for a while, pointing at my passport. She said there was a problem and that we needed to buy a Declaration, which was first 5 Euros, and then 5 Dollars when I told them I had no Euros! Officials seem very Beaurocratic here so we're expecting more problems soon.

Colette is burning oil at a slow rate, nothing serious we hope, and of course the exhaust wore through and collapsed in Poland on Tuesday. Otherwise she's fine. We had to chuck out most of our spare parts to save weight because the car was bottoming out over big bumps. We still need to lose weight but its ok for these roads at the moment.

We're used to the long hours and little sleep now, and sitting in the car driving for 3 hours is no problem, even on these awful roads.  Matt is fine, and says hello to everyone back home. And we;re looking forward to cracking on and telling you all our stories soon.

Mel /Sarah please feel free to tidy up this article and make it better. Thanks!

Michael Enness, 
1:49pm, Kiev, Ukraine.

Progress Report 24th - 25th July 2007

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:55 AM by Michael E

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Well, the boys have already had a little minor trouble with the car!

LocationDate and Time

 Krakow (Poland)

"Exhaust just fell off on the way to Krakow after visiting concentration camps, trying to remove it and carry on but its stuck right now, might saw it off."

Asked Alex, a mutual friend who just happens to be a mechanic, about how this may have implications on their performance! He said that it would make the car slower and noiser and therefore they are more likely to get stopped by the local police! It will also make the mighty micra drink more fuel!

24-07-2007 at 17:22

  Lviv (Ukraine)

"Heading for Ukraine border, car was repaired for £8. Polish not very good drivers but lovely people. Definitely coming back here!"

 25-07-2007 at 15:42

 Lviv (Ukraine)

"Almost into Ukraine, after problems with Customs and our car, needed to buy a form for 5 dollars! Cheap vodka here, 2 euro for 1 litre! 5 hours at border.."

Welcome to Poland

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:55 AM by Michael E

Written by Matt Wadler   
Tuesday, 24 July 2007

"Please do not steal, we are a Hostel not a Hotel"


It seems that the further east we go, the more amusing the signs on things become!

Mike's just sent out a newsletter, and from what we can see Mel and Saz are doing a fantastic job of looking after the site and keeping you all informed of our progress (thanks girls!), but I just thought that since I had the chance I'd get on here and put a ferw thoughts on our travels so far...

First off - this hostel is awesome! We stumbled apon it by accident but for the princley sum of just 9 quid (about, I think...) we get to lie in until midday, access to marbled bathrooms and a power shower that takes your head off, all the breakfast we can eat, free laundry and, of course, a bed! We've booked a room in the next one which we will be heading to tonight.

 We've managed to find some great teams to travel with: Team Touchy; a pair of Aussies, A pair in a red Fiat Panda, and a couple of Welsh lads in an SJ. The Welsh guys have falen behind due to trouble at the Czech border (something about being held for 24 hours and strip searches, but we're not entirely sure) and the Panda got crashed into by some nutter in Prague. We're meeting up with the Panda tonight, but we're not sure when/if the Welsh lads will rejoin us.

Things are going great at the moment, the cars are running well, though the SJ that the Aussies are in does roll and bounce pretty voilently at speed! I've been trying to get some footage of it on film, but so far all I have is loads of footage of the arse-end of this thing driving normally. Grr!

The beer is becoming very cheap now. Cheap enough that Steve an I got back to the Hostel at some stupid hour this morning, paid the deposit on the next Hostel and completly forgot about it. Fortunatly Steve had the clever idea of getting them to look after the receipt! 

Anyway, I could bang on for hours, but there is a queue forming behind me for the use of the PC, so I better bugger off! We're gonna go check out the town and let our heads settle, then head off and meet up with the Panda tonight.

So, from sunny (YES, no rain!!!) Poland, goodbye and see ya'll soon!

Matt (X)


Progress 23rd July

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:55 AM by Michael E

Monday, 23 July 2007

Well, whoever was on txt duty today was obviously away with the faries because no updates were sent to the Mongol Rally website! However, Matt sent Polly a txt earlier saying they were on their way to Poland and the boys were both online this evening.

LocationDate and Time

 Prague (Czech Republic)

"Matt says that Prague is awesome/great but awful to drive through and that he ended up on a train line! He said that the signs weren't easy to read and that it was a really weird city to drive in."


  Krakow (Poland)

Finally an update on the site appeared: "Made it to Poland and are staying in a bed and breakfast! Left Fiat team in Prague after someone hit their car, hopefully meeting them in Warsaw tomorrow"

Matt informed me "We're in this awesome hostel in Polandwhere apparantly they provide everything "

I'm sure the boys are fast asleep right now. From the brief chat I had with Mike he's very tired but seems to be enjoying himself! Tomorrow they plan to continue driving through Poland and on towards the Ukraine which is where things will probably get interesting!

Progress 21st July - 22nd July

posted Jul 20, 2016, 2:54 AM by Michael E

Sunday, 22 July 2007

According to the Mongol rally website the boys seem to be making excellent progress so far.

LocationDate and Time

 Dover (United Kingdom)

"Just arrived in dover, going towards boats! Too early for ours. Was great fun leaving london!"

21-07-2007 at 15:21

 Brussels (Belgium)

"In radio convoy towards Frankfurt with 3 other teams. Making great progress. Need to buy some of these radios! Nice easy pace at the moment.

 21-07-2007 at 21:26

 Nuremberg (Germany)

"Bit late at the moment, taking it easy, one of the Suzuki's has stayed behind with brake problems. Off autobarn for a while. Using oil a bit. "

 22-07-2007 at 13:48

Prague (Czech Republic)

"Approaching Prague with 1 other team, a bit late but will hopefully get a drink and a car space. Nearly 1000 miles covered so far! Looking forward to rest."

 22-07-2007 a

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