Many thanks to all of our sponsors and friends for supporting us.
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Mongol Rally Official Website  The official mongol rally web pages. 
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics  Many thanks for their very generous contribution to our funding 
Waitrose Top-quality supermarket chain, they've supplied us with free food for the journey. You know, so we don't die... 
Charles Trents Ltd. Car scrap yard. Trents will be supplying us with spares for Mighty Micra III that we couldn't liberate from Mighty Micra II. 
WKD WKD will be supplying enough WKD to fill the boot of our Micra. Legends. 
SMC Poole An awesome one-stop-shop for all your car parts. They have stores nationwide and a great website, so check them out. 
DNA Bar Bournemouth A Caribbean style nightclub in Bournemouth. They will be hosting a couple of parties for us, as well as providing a ton of help with advertising the events. For Free. 
Devraj's Website An old friend... 
Turtle Racing's Official Team Page Our official Team Page on The Mongol Rally website. 
AutoSimSport An online racing magazine that has made a contribution to our funding and will also be publishing articles on us in the coming months 
Big Night Out Owner of Big Night Out and good friend of the team will be lending his DJ skills (free of course) to our events at DNA 
The Learning Quest Not just another Training Consultancy company - The Learning Quest consultant will work with you to determine your training or project needs. 
Coulton Matt's workplace 
Mongolia in a Micra Another team's page from 2007 
Daves Place Matts Dads site. Most of it is a bit random (it's just a place for him to experiment really) but he's a pretty good photographer, so check it out. 
BoxFixer Excellent computer repairs in Poole, Dorset 
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