Welcome to the Adventure of a Lifetime - the Mongol Rally
"How does "the greatest adventure in the world" sit with you? What about 8,000 miles, 2 deserts, 5 mountain ranges, roads ranging from bad to non-existant no support crew and all this in a car you swapped for a bag of crisps? Stir in the odd party in far-flung parts of the globe and cook for about 3 weeks and you have an inkling of The Mongol Rally." - Taken from the Mongol Rally Website

The Mongol Rally started a few years ago when a couple of guys decided to drive from London to UlaanBataar in Mongolia to raise money for charity. Since then the event has been run every summer. Last year over 150 teams entered, raising a total of over £200,000 for charitable causes.

The Mongol Rally can be loosely compared to events like The Dakar Rally or "Long Way Round" in terms of what we are trying to achieve. However, there is one major difference that sets The Mongol Rally appart: we will be on our own. No sat nav. No support crew. No fancy, off-road vehicles. Further to there being no heavy-duty vehicles with us, our own vehicle cannot be either. It must be a sub 1ltr car. Think of Micras, Polos, Novas. Slow cars that are barely equpiied to do the weekly shopping run!

That is the appeal of the Mongol Rally; it's a real adventure, and its certainly no holiday. Its the kind of experience you can't buy, nor can we guarentee to see the finish line. In addition, we will have raised a great deal of money for charity, which after all, is why The Mongol Rally came to exist in the first place.

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