Sea Turtle Post-release Mortality Online Workshop - 2011


Conduct a scientific review to ensure that currently employed methods for estimating sea turtle post-release mortality in pelagic longline fisheries are made using best available science. 


Based on critiques of current methods used to estimate sea turtle post-release mortality rates in pelagic longline fisheries, provide suggestions to establish more reliable estimates.


Specifically, the group will:

1)    Review the post-release mortality estimates for sea turtles as currently defined in Table 1 (p.26) of Ryder et al. (2006);

2)    Identify relevant research conducted since the 2004 meeting described in Ryder et al. (2006);

3)    Review and critique research conducted since 2004 that is relevant for estimating post-release mortality probability;

4)  Discuss potential effects of hook design (J, tuna, circle) and size (narrowest width) on injury and mortality. 


WHEN: 15 and 16 November 2011, 11:30 am -4:00 pm EST


WHERE: Online - webinar - directions provided via email.

Download Ground rules


Since the time of the workshop in 2004, there have been a number of published papers as well as anecdotal information related to sea turtle post-release mortality, suggesting a benefit of reassessing estimates in light of new information.  In addition to anatomical hooking location and trailing gear, this meeting could also provide an opportunity to consider effects of hook types, such as circle, J, and Tuna hooks.


Day 1 - November 15

(Times are Eastern Standard Time)

11:30-11:40     Workshop ground rules (Yonat Swimmer)

11:40-11:45     Introduction (Sam Pooley)

                        1.  Background

11:40-11:55     1.1.  History of NMFS Activities Related to Estimates of Post-Release Mortality and Application 

                         of Estimates in Southeast U.S.  (Sheryan Epperly and Lesley Stokes)

                         DOWNLOAD presentation pdf

11:55-12:10     1.2.  NMFS applications of estimates of post-release mortality rates (Pat Opay)

                         DOWNLOAD presentation pdf

12:10-12:25     1.3.  Use of Ryder et al. estimates in BiOp (PIRO/Dawn Golden)

                         DOWNLOAD presentation pdf

12:25-12:45     1.4.  Questions, discussion

12:45-1:00       Break

1:00 -2:00        2.  New scientific information. (Mariluz Parga)

                        2.1.  Review table summarizing methods and findings of relevant publications.

                        DOWNLOAD Table summarizing methods and results of publications estimating sea turtle post-release survival probability 

                        2.2.  Questions, discussion.

2:00-2:15         Break

2:15-2:40         3.1.  Updates on Unpublished data 20 min presentation, 5 min for questions (Yonat Swimmer)

                        DOWNLOAD presentation pdf

2:40-3:05         3.2.  Updates on Unpublished data 15 min presentation, 10 min for questions (Chris Sasso and 

                                Mike James)

                         DOWNLOAD presentation pdf

3:05-3:30         4.  Estimation methods.  Discussion - expand the list of experimental methods to estimate sea 

                             turtle post-release mortality in longline fisheries, adding to the methods identified in the 

                             summary table (Eric Gilman) 

                         DOWNLOAD  background document: Review of methods to estimate sea turtle post-release 

                             mortality rates.

                         DOWNLOAD presentation pdf

3:30 – 4:00      5.  Questions, discussion, recap of Day 1, review Day 2 agenda (Yonat Swimmer)



Day 2 - November 16


11:30-11:40     Summary of Day 1 and review Day 2 agenda (Yonat Swimmer)

                        6.  Veterinary Perspectives. (Brian Stacy, DVM)

11:40-12:00     6.1.  Speaker: Brian Stacy, DVM.  15 min presentation, 5 min for questions

                        DOWNLOAD presentation pdf

12:00-12:20     6.2.  Speaker: Mariluz Parga, DVM.  15 min presentation, 5 min for questions

                        DOWNLOAD presentation pdf

12:20-12:45     6.3.  Discuss comments in Ryder et al. re: importance of gear removal, likelihood of death 

                                within 90 day, potential effects of hook design (J, tuna, circle) on injury and mortality, etc. 

                                (Brian Stacy)

Fish hook and line morbidity and mortality examples of cases seen in rehab. Terry Norton DOWNLOAD pdf of presentation

12:45-1:15       Break

1:15-2:15         7.1.  Discuss/critique assumptions and uncertainties in Ryder et al. 2006 (have they improved 

                                 since 2004?) (Chair: Jeanette Wyneken)

Discussion items:

A.  Ryder et al. 2006 separates hard shelled turtles from leatherbacks and apparently attributes higher rates of mortality to same level of injury. Does this seem reasonable based on best available science?

2:15-2:45         7.2.  What do we know now that we didn’t know in 2004 that might influence changes in 

                                 estimates in Ryder et al? (Chair: Dr. Molly Lutcavage)

Discussion items:

B.  Use of satellite telemetry data for interpretation of mortality:

B.1.  Is there a generally agreed upon preferred tag type (e.g., PSAT, PTT)?

B.2.  Can changes in dive behavior (eg depth or distance traveled) be used as a proxy for some effect 

     due to the interaction event (eg comparisons of dive behavior of turtle groups with diff. types of injury)

2:45-3:45         8.  Closing discussion and summary (Yonat Swimmer)

Discussion items:

C.  Discussion on revisiting current NMFS policy due to more recent best available science since 2004.

D.  Thoughts on future meetings.



Keith Bigelow, National Marine Fisheries Service,

Milani Chaloupka, Ecological Modeling Services,

Sheryan Epperly, National Marine Fisheries Service,

Joseph Flanagan, Houston Zoo,

Eric Gilman (co-organizer), Hawaii Pacific University,

Dawn Golden, National Marine Fisheries Service,

Martin Hall, Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission,

Craig Harms, North Carolina State University,

Mike James, Fisheries and Oceans Canada,

Molly Lutcavage, Univ. Massachusetts,

Terry Norton, Georgia Sea Turtle Center,

Patrick Opay, National Marine Fisheries Service,

Mariluz Parga, SUBMOM,

Samuel Pooley, National Marine Fisheries Service,

Chris Sasso, National Marine Fisheries Service,

Barbara Schroeder, NMFS,

Brian Stacy, University of Florida,

Lesley Stokes, National Marine Fisheries Service,

Yonat Swimmer (lead organizer), National Marine Fisheries Service,

Jeanette Wyneken, Florida Atlantic University,


Adam Bailey, National Marine Fisheries Service,

Christina Fahy, National Marine Fisheries Service, 

Karen Frutchey, National Marine Fisheries Service,

Asuka Ishizaki, Western Pacific Fishery Management Council,

Irene Kinan-Kelly, National Marine Fisheries Service,

Chris Yates National Marine Fisheries Service,



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Email notes response to queries to R. Aguilar (2001) DOWNLOAD

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Kemp's ridley radiographs – examples of types of hooks and positions – provided by Joe Flanagan.

Examples of Mustad circle hook widths - download image