Camp Sessions

July 8-12

This week we'll dig for clay, go on insect hunts, learn about worms, and make our own nature amulets and finger pots out of clay. 

July 15-19

Join us in the forest and fields for a week exploring the magic of wind and air. We'll make bubble wands and kites, watch clouds and birds, and look for all the ways we know that air moves.

July 22-26
We'll spend this week exploring the magic of water.  We'll look for signs of river animals, learn about beavers and water birds, make toy boats and even launch them on the LaPlatte River in our backyard.

July 29-August 2

Nothing is better than sticks! In this session we'll build forts and teepees, learn about some special trees on our property, and shape, sand and polish our own walking sticks, decorating them with found nature treasures.