Nature-Inspired Art

To "craft" means to make something with our hands, and people have been crafting since time began.  Before there were popsicle sticks and plastic canvas, people used what they found in nature to make beautiful and usually functional art.  We can do this too!

The results are amazing, and children can feel the difference when they work with the materials of the earth: sticks, stones, flowers, ferns, (found) bark, seeds, driftwood, shells, rocks, vines, pinecones, clay dug from the river bed--all of these are inspiration for art projects at Turtle Lane Camp.

Nature has colors and patterns that no artist could ever match.  But we can work hand in hand with nature and use the gifts she has given us to create beauty.

Nature Craft Projects planned for the 2011 Season:
  • Flower and paper-mache fairy bowls
  • Painting from nature (insects and birds)
  • Walking sticks wrapped with yarn designs
  • Toy birch bark canoes
  • Butterfly mobiles from twigs and tissue paper
  • Butterfly feeders
  • Bird baths
  • Herbal salve
In addition, all campers will receive a forest sketchbook and colored pencils. We will spend time each day sketching the plants, animals, insects, and trees we observe.