Dolphin's of Brazilian Coast

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                                                 fighting for the oceanics intelligences




Casa do Menino


Project Magic Eye:  Interactives Monoculars 




Workshops on Environment


Preservation of Mampituba's River


Theory, Legends and Curiosities about dolphins

There are some ancient intelligences in the ocean, that through the ages have been drawing our attention. Peaceful inteligences living in the oceans, that make up around 70% of the planetary surface.

     These beings arouse feelings of compassion, love and freedom, has recently gained popularity through the studies being conducted on their intelligence, communication, therapeutical capacity, through television, shows in water parks, through tourism and also therapies for special needs children. 

     This page is dedicated to them, the Cetacean Nation, represented here by the Dolphins that inhabit the southern coast of brazil, with focus on the beach coast of Torres.




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