Capital Athletic Club (Bruce Coolidge) congratulates Sacramento Turn Verein (Joe Pearce)
upon winning the Sacramento Area Handball Association's 2013 Handball League.

The Sacramento Turn Verein Handball-Racquetball Section (STV/HBRB) has adopted the moniker, 'Die Holzkiste Handball' or "The Wooden Box Handball".  Built in 1925 and used continually by club members, our two wooden-plank courts are unique in this modern age of cement and pressed board construction. When entered they bring forth the image of a "wooden box" for visiting opponents, but a sense of history, pride and a home court advantage for members.

Our two courts offer a place to perpetuate the athletic and competitive activities that have been principles of the STV for over 150 years.

The STV/HBRB holds regular open-court, walk-on play year round. Handball is played Monday thru Thursdays between 4:00 to ??? and Saturdays at 10:00am to ???; all levels are welcome.

"The game of fives (handball) is what no one despises who has ever played it. It is the finest exercise for the body and the best relaxation for the mind. He who takes to playing at fives is twice young."

                       William Hazlitt, 1819

The Alley Cracker by Richie Kavanagh

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