HOW TO: Turntable Social D.J. - Autovote Awesome!

To autovote Awesome for every song so that you can get a gorilla suit faster, follow these steps. Obviously you'll need to be in a room where other people are also Awesoming...
  • Go here to get Auto-Awesome by @mtodd.  Simply drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar (under the Install header)
  • Login to turntable in Chrome
  • Right click the Awesome button then click on Inspect Element

  • Copy the line it selects, paste it somewhere and get the part between the quotes after id =.  It'll be something silly like TvRkjhygO
    • Don't include the quotes

  • Click the AutoAwesome bookmarklet you made in the first step. You'll see a popup window. Paste the DOM ID in there.

  • You'll know you are autovoting when, after a new song starts your avatard starts bobbing his little head.  That means you voted Awesome!
    • NOTE: It can take up to 2 minutes for an autovote to fire. It depends on if the last guy skipped his song (makes it take longer) and how many people are in the room.

BIG THANKS TO Jonathan Wallace and Matt Todd for writing this little gem!