Iodine Therapy

Iodine has been used by alternative medicine providers to treat, fibrocystic breast disease, polycystic ovary disease, fibromyalgia, prostatic hypertrophy, and migraine headaches.  Some people who take this report an energizing affect and decrease in their symptom of “brain fog" or fuzzy thinking. 


While Iodine is a natural agent found primarily in seaweed and in smaller amounts in seafood and iodized salt.  It is a potent agent and needs to be treated with respect.  People with thyroid problems can develop symptoms of hypothyroid (cold, tired, etc.) or hyperthyroid ( irritable, heart racing, etc. ).  If you have any thyroid problems consult your doctor before using this product.  If you get any symptoms stop this therapy.  Selenium is protective for the thyroid so take 200 micrograms a day with the iodine.  If used properly the risk of Iodine therapy is quite low.  Iodine also promotes release of bromine from the body.  You may develop an acne like rash or a metallic taste in the mouth as the iodine displaces the bromine.  These symptoms can be minimized by taking 1 tsp of sea salt mixed with water twice daily and 1 gram of vitamin C twice daily.  Celtic sea salt is a nice form of sea salt. 


Lugol’s solution is a good form of iodine.  Lugol’s solution is reasonably priced and available at formulating pharmacies and on the WEB.   It is a very old medicine used commonly in the great lakes region when this was the goiter belt.  I have older patients who can recall taking it as a child.  It was one of the old fashioned cure-all remedies of doctors before we had the wide array of medicines we have today.  Each drop of Lugols contains 6.25 mg if combined iodide and iodine.  The average daily intake in the United States is estimated to be 240 micrograms.  The average daily intake in Japan is estimated to be 12.5 mg largely from seaweed.


Directions for taking Iodine therapy: For wellness take 1 drop of lugol’s solution a day mixed in 4 ounces of liquid.  If you have any adverse reactions stop.  If you get a rash back off to taking one drop twice weekly.  Shake the Lugol’s solution before dispensing a drop as some of the iodine can fall out of solution, making the early drops less potent and the later drops quite potent.  Take 200 micrograms of selenomethionine with this daily as a separate supplement or in a multivitamin.