Alternative providers and books

Wellness providers:

1. Bob Fields (athletic training) 317-750-3082, Does training for conditioning and training with those for specific musculoskeletal complaints.  (

2. Margie Setterlof, 350 Village Square lane, 813-0799.  She does Metagenics based programs including diet and supplements for metabolic conditions.  Has a good 4 session program on training on the modified mediterranean diet, called first line therapy which is sponsored by Metagenics.

3.  Constance Henderson, PhD.  Nutrition consultations at  Offers one on one nutrition consultations one time with follow up by e-mail.  If you already have a good knowledge of food, this would be a more economical program with adequate ongoing support at a reasonable cost.  I did this as I already spent some time with diet.  

4. Dr. Amy Yang, 876-1054.  Local well known accupuncturist.

5.  Dr. Harry Shao, chinese trained in chinese medicine and accupuncture, 317-848-2818.  

6.  Dr. Carolyn Berghuis, naturopathic doctor, 317-848-2818.  Does electrodermal sensation testing of accupuncture meridians and provides tailored supplements base off responses of accupuncture meridians.  Also offers a 4 session group which covers basics of naturopathic approach to wellness.  

7. Roger Spahr, MD.  BodylogicMD, 3003 E. 98th Street, Suite 261, Indianapolis, Indiana 46280-1973.  Specializes in hormonal and other alternative therapies.

8. Dr. Ed Zimmer, 813-1998, for a dietary and supplement program to help with acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome  

9. Yvonne Teverbaugh, PhD (doctor of natural medicine) 569-18005

10. Fritz Maurer, pharmacist, Brazil Indiana.  1-812-448-2190 ( may do phone consults and provide unique natural supplements for individual issues) 

11. Herbalist.  The little herb shop.  Connersville, IN 47331.  765-825-6153.  


                                                                    Constance Henderson, PhD

Nutrition Consultations


Fall In Love – Eat Real Food

 Fall in love with your life. Support that with real food and you are setting a foundation for good health and happiness for a long time.  Let me show you how to begin…

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"A Week in the Zone", by Barry Sears.  Good for cholesterol problems.  Particularly good for those with a high triglyceride and a low HDL.

"Ultrametabolism Cookbook", by Mark Hyman.  Good for those with food sensitivities

"Clean up Your Diet", by Max Tomlinson.  Good for those with irritable bowel syndrome

"The acid alkaline food guide", by Dr. Susan Brown and Larry Trivieri, Jr. (good for those working on bone density"

"Adrenal Fatigue",  by Jim Wilson.   "Good for those feeling burned out".  Provides specific lifestyle and diet recommendations as well a good description of the syndrome for those wondering if they have it.  

"Feel Fat, Fuzzy, and Frazzled", by Richard Shames.  Good for those burned out and stressed out.   Provides specific supplement recommendations.

"The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush", by Andrea Moritz.  A step by step guide for doing liver flushes.  This is a good way to lose abdominal fat and cleanse the liver but can be a hard on the GI tract so you need to be healthy to do it.  It is as a little rougher than doing a colonoscopy prep monthly for 6 to 10 months.