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Wellness Plan

Regular meetings are the first Tuesday of the month in the lobby at 7:30 pm.  

This Tuesday, November 2,  we will meet to discuss a little about food and then talk about hormones.  We will discuss briefly some items from Sally Fallon's book "Nourishing Traditions", and then talk about dosing of bioidentical hormones and using iodine and zinc to help properly metabolize these hormones.  It will be at 7:30 pm in the waiting room of 6925 E. 96th street suite #150.

Dr. Bob Turnquist

Elimination diet:  see link at the end of this page to download.  

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Here is the handout to get started working on wellness: Wellness Plan .  The easiest way to start is to take the recommended amount of fish oil and vitamin D and then try the diet "A Week in the Zone" for one week if you have problems with cholesterol or "Ultrametabolism Cookbook"for 3 weeks if you have food sensitivites.  Most should feel better in 1 to 3 weeks.  There are nearly an infinite number of wellness things to do as well and we will explore the more prominent ones month by month in our first Tuesday sessions.  Also this is a do it yourself plan.  If you would like to explore working with someone one on one with wellness consider some of the alternative wellness providers listed in the wellness plan handout and in the sheet for alternative providers and Books.

Basic topics covered in wellness sessions:  

Modified mediterranean diet, Zone diet, bio-identical hormones, Adrenal fatigue or stress related fatigue, iodine therapy, uses of fish oil, nutritional lab testing, Strategies for gastrointestinal and liver health.  Detox therapies offered by other providers.  


 Links to Past topics

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1/09       elimination diets                  Presentation:  January2009.ppt

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3/2010  Acid Reflux                           Presentation:  



5/2010  case studies



A lot about breakfast 












january 2011


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Questions and Comments: 

To provide me feedback as I construct this site please e-mail your comments to turnquistr@gmail.com.  I check this e-mail twice weekly.  Also please e-mail any concerns you have about working this wellness plan.  I do not treat any medical illness by e-mail.  

Other pages on this site:

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6. Alternative providers and books

Other helpful sites and documents:

Reliable information on most common medical conditions

IFM_CompElimDiet.doc  (Free elimination diet for those with food senstivities)



donaldmiller.com.   "Extrathyroidal Benefits of Iodine" by Donald Miller, M.D.

 http://www.uvadvantage.org/portals/0/pres/  (a nice video on vitamin D)

 www.hightechhealth.com   Good source for far infrared sauna.  I use the three person but it does require a 20 amp circuit.  I think the 2 person can run on a normal 15 amp house circuit.  This is a nice safe detox device.  I do recommend taking magnesium, zinc, and a little salt if using this as it does sweat out some minerals as well as toxic items.  

 Please note:  This site contains nutritional information and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases.