Turning Point is a recovery center that provides a safe, supportive gathering place and resources for people whose
lives have been affected by addictions and who are pursuing recovery.  

At Turning Point, you’ll find someone to talk to, someone who’ll listen. We’re not counselors. We’re either peers in recovery or people who know about recovery and support it. If you’ve started or are seeking recovery, or if you are seeking solace in some way, our volunteers and guests will help you by sharing their own stories. 

Recovery means not having to do everything yourself. 

We are easy to find at 112 Hardwood Way, across from Black Mountain Road on Route 5/Putney Road. Turn onto Hardwood Way next to the Taco Bell restaurant, look for the building with the little "Turning Point" sign and the big "Weight Watchers" sign. We have plenty of free parking and the coffee pot is always brewing. AND we are on the Bus Route!!


"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"
-Albert Einstein


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