Hi there. Welcome to Turning Cog Creations.

We're a small group (well, two at present!) of comic creators based in Hertfordshire, England.

Our big coming out is happening at Thought Bubble - Leeds - 2009. If you're coming along, make sure you drop by and say hello.

Well, hello to Roy, G'day to Peter.

.... actually, stick to hello. Unless you're Australian it just sounds weird.

Want to make us even happier? Why not pick upĀ  THE FIST - Issue 1 available for the first time at Thought Bubble!

For more information on who we are, what we do, and what we want to be when we grow up, take a look at the links below.

Roy always wanted to be an artist, so it looks like he's in luck.
Peter always wanted to be a Ninja Turtle...... still hoping.