Donations for Willi Craciun

The Situation
On Monday, November 5th, the Craciun's home was destroyed by fire.   Unfortunately they were uninsured so no money will be coming to help.  Willi is now homeless with little financial means at his disposal.  Friends and family have set up several ways that we can help him out.

Even more tragically, Elly was badly injured in the fire and, after 13 days of fighting to survive, she passed away early on Sunday morning, November 18th.   The funeral service was held on November 24th in Turner Valley and was a wonderful celebration of Elly's life full of entertaining and heart-warming stories.

For over 40 years, Willi has volunteered his time in the community of Turner Valley and Black Diamond.  As a long-standing and prominent member of the Foothills Lions Club, he was recently awarded the Melvin Jones Fellowship, one of the highest honours handed out by the international organization.

He has been an outstanding member of the Lion's Club and a selfless volunteer in the community of Turner Valley for many years.  As a result, there have been many friends, neighbors, and complete strangers, even from other towns, who have expressed their desire to help him.

Over the years, Willi has given so much to others.  Now the community is coming out to help him in his time of need.

If you would like to help, please read on.   (Please direct any donation-related questions to

Non-Financial Donations
If you would like to help, donations can be dropped off in Turner Valley at the Town Office which is located at 514 Windsor Ave N.W.  Turner Valley (Old Forestry Building).    Map.
(Unfortunately we haven't yet found a Calgary drop-off location).

Thanks to all the donations so far, it seems that our biggest needs currently are:
  1. A Calgary drop-off location for donations.  (There are many donations waiting to be dropped-off).
  2. A volunteer driver with a van capable of picking up some larger items from donators around Calgary.
If you can help with either of these, please email me (  Thanks!

Click here to see what gifts have already been pledged.  Duplicate items will be sold by the Lion's club with the proceeds going to Willi.

His clothing sizes are as follows:
Shoe:    12
Shirt:   Large
Pant:    38
Jacket:  Large
Glove:   Large

Thank you so much to all who have donated to this cause.  The response has been amazing!   We'd like to give a special thanks to Pat McCann of McCann Building Movers who has just donated a house to Willi!  Yes, a HOUSE!  Once demolition has been completed and a new foundation has been prepared, they have offered to move this house onto the lot in Turner Valley.  We cannot begin to express our thanks for this incredible act of generosity.

Financial Donations
A trust fund has been set up to receive donations under the name "William Craciun" (or just ask for "Turner Valley Fire" trust fund), or you can donate online via PayPal.   (We are looking into the possibility of getting tax receipts via the Lion's club.  We will post that information here once available).
  1. ATB Financial    (Account Number:  723-00112685700)
  2. Using PayPal     (See below for details)
  3. Royal Bank       (Transit number: 9974. Account number: 5053566) [Closing on 2012-12-19]
The family will be enormously grateful for any assistance that you are able to provide.  Thank you!

Online Donations
We have also set up an online donation method if you would prefer to use one of these preset amounts ($25, $50, $75, $100, $200, $500) below.  You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to donate, but you will need a credit card.  Please note that Paypal keeps 2.9%+$0.30 for credit card transactions, so for larger donations I recommend doing it directly at the bank, or transferring money directly from your own Paypal account is another option to avoid the fees.

We can't issue tax receipts for the Paypal donations unfortunately.

Turner Valley Fire donation

Turner Valley Fire donation

Turner Valley Fire donation

Turner Valley Fire donation

Turner Valley Fire donation

Turner Valley Fire donation

(If you want to donate more than $500, thank you so much, but please use one of the banks above to avoid the Paypal fees)