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Pioneer of Augusta - Western Australia 1830

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Turner Family Reunion 2020 

           Reunion - Organisers :
Claire Johnston
Llewyn Green
Lynley Ward WA
                         ART GALLERY PERTH

Thursday 30.4.2020

 Art Gallery Tour of Thomas Turners 19 paintings
of the life of the pioneers.
Tours are groups of max. 15 
30 minutes is allowed for each group
onto the Battye Library to look at some of 
their Turner collection

Reunion Notices will be sent out at regular intervals
over the next 15 months 

 are you on the list to receive notices ??

(m) Claire : 0418104999

Augusta WA   2020
Thursday      30.4.20  
          Perth Art Gallery tours of Thomas Turners paintings
Time: To be announced
                        This was highly successful last time with 40 people
                        coming along.

AUGUSTA   ( travelling to Augusta )
Friday pm -   1.5.2020   Augusta Hotel 6pm
                     Getting to know you and discussion of the weekend
Saturday   -   2.5.2020  Augusta  River Cruise & walk, family tree stories
                     and  presentations
Saturday   -   Augusta  Dinner
Sunday     -   3.5.2020 Augusta  Continuation / afternoon conclusion
Travel from Perth  it is 350 kms approx.
Rental car -  the drive takes 3.5 hrs. with no stops and it is best to make a day of it and see the sights on the way.

Train or Bus or a combined service. I think it takes about 4.5 hrs.
(there is no train to Augusta it stops at Bunbury you then transfer to a coach)
Flights from East to West & back
Book as soon as you can - it will be cheaper in the long run. Remember the time difference.

Remember 2020 is the year you could meet a long lost cousin or Aunt - bring the grand children so they start off their memories early and become future participants.
Don't make a big deal of going to WA - just GO !
Claire Johnston 
This website will be updated  
monthly then fortnightly
Please email me to be added to the reunion list