After around seven years of managing this site I am getting tired and want to ease off a bit.
If you would like to take over this site or perhaps set up another website for the TDC please contact me (Dale) or Margaret or Joe A. 

 Turlock Democratic Club 
Current Officers
President -  Margaret Souza & Joe A Souza
First Vice President -  Myrna Wachs 
Second Vice President - Timm LaVelle
Treasurer - Tracy Sunde
Secretary - Pat Hickman
Director - Nedra Voorhees
Director - Steve Smith
And Brenda Smith will serve on the E Board as Immediate Past President.

Congratulations to all !


 Lots of events are happening.
Parades, BBQs, Meet and Greets, Dinners. Fund raisers, Voter Registration, canvasing, phone banks, Club meetings,  on and on...
If you learn of an event up coming or have photos of one just passed, email me please, and say "This is for the Web site and Face book Page." 
I don't learn about everything or take pictures of everything myself. 
We can work together to maintain strong communications.
Remember to "Book Mark" this web site and our Face Book page to make it easy for you to check each day.  
Dale Parkinson  -  daleboyd01@gmail.com

Co Presidents  Margaret and Joe A Souza

Who we are.
We are a group of friends and neighbors in the Turlock area who believe in the principles and values of the Democratic Party, the oldest political party in history.

Beginning with Jefferson and Jackson, then from Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, through John and Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, right up to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy, and Barrack Obama the Democratic Party has been the party for the common people.

We believe that with the right leadership government can be used to make life better, America stronger, and our children's future brighter. Democrats can provide that leadership.

Join us in building a better America for the benefit of all.