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The best way to cook a slow bird is with boiling oil and hot metal.

Mission Statement
Our team was formed with the goal of getting a beaten, forgotten and cheap car to the end of the 24 Hours of Lemons (http://www.24hoursoflemons.com/ ) event at Carolina Motorsports Park (http://www.carolinamotorsportspark.com/) on July 26 and 27. 

The Team
Brian  - Driver
Brian started his motorsports career working on Formula SAE cars at Georgia Tech.  He also spent a little time working at Downing Racing.  His most notable motorsports achievement is surviving a head on collision with a Mustang while riding his motorcycle.  He  also spent the better part of a day driving Australian V8 Supercars.    Brian spends his work days engineering repairs for airliners.  He also likes to make pottery.  What good that will do us in the race is anyone’s guess.

Curtis - Master Mechanic
Curtis loves messing with cars.  His primary focus has been preparing and drag racing Mustangs.  He also stuffed a Mustang V-8 into a Focus and made it work.  Curtis works in the IT department of a major Atlanta hospital and runs his own race shop.

John - Mechanic
John, also a Georgia Tech grad, has spent quality time racing vintage cars.  Of course, this was cool vintage cars and not the jalopy we're racing.  Right now he is keeping his Volkswagen Sirocco road worthy.  John works in the parks department so we know we will have plenty wood chips to soak up the fluids leaking from our car.

Mike - Driver / Team Capitan
Mike’s major motorsports achievements to date include a 3rd place in class in a local Porsche Club Autocross while driving a car other than a Porsche and running four accident free laps of the Nurburgring Nordschleife without wrecking the rental car.  Mike spends his days devising repairs for broken commercial airliners.  If you think some of the race cars in the Lemons events are suspect, you should check out an airliner after it has been in service for 20 years.

Olivia - Mechanic / Margarita Distributer
Olivia has also raced Mustangs with Curtis. She splits her time between her real estate business and working part time for the same airline as Mike and Brian.  That means she knows how to wheel and deal as well as fix broken stuff.

Rachel - Driver
Rachel has been following motorsports for about 15 years.  She is an avid F-1 and WRC fan.  She is new to the endurance racing game, but is eager to get out there.  Rachel’s big motorsports moments were driving one lap of the Nordschleife, and while she did a great job, she did get to see some geezers wreck a brand new BMW 5 series.  She also managed to roll a Subaru Justi while dodging a cat.  She got it back on its wheels and drove it for a week or so before friends and family intervened and convinced her that the car was unsafe.  She traded it in for $500.  Is that an omen?  I doubt it.

The Car
We thought we had it made.  After a trip through Craig's List we found not one, but two mid 80's 300ZXs for $200 each.  One would be the race car and one would be the parts car.  After a few weekends spent gutting and messing with the race car we came to the sad realization that the cars were priced at $200 for a reason.  They were junk.  Seriously. 

After about 10 seconds of soul searching and 30 seconds of cussing we decided to cut bait and start again.  Craig's List brought us to a 1991 Ford Escort.  This car has the benefit of being an actual, running automobile.  We drove it the 75 miles from where we bought it to our compound.  Crazy. 

Day 1
Here are a couple of pictures of Day 1 with the Escort.  We basically got it to the same point we had the Z, but with significantly fewer "eeeeewwww" moments.

The hot rod in it's place of honor.

Brian looking for spare change.

88 HP of pure power.

The gutted domain that will be our home during the race.

Day 2
Day 2 saw us reinstall the steering pump and alternator, pull the rear glass and remove the rear suspension.  We had to straighten a bent link on the press and get a migrated pusing back in place.  The modular design of the Escort made all of this pretty easy.  The car is in surprisingly good shape.

Something seems to be missing from the rear.

Rear windows removed for ventilation, decoration and decreased broken glass in the lap for the race.

Day 3
We reinstalled the aft suspension after a good look over, replaced a bad CV joint and basically spent quality time under the car.
Mike spending quality time with the front suspension.

Day 4
The car moved indoors on day three.  That means two things.  First is that we are out of the sun and second we have begun work on the roll cage.  There was much welding and gringing going on.  Plus we had toxic fumes and Chris stopped by to help out for a while.
Curtis grinding.
Chris pounding.
And the cage starts to take shape.

Days 5-7
I realized you can import a Picasa slide show...

Ready to go.  The car is ready to run.  Now all we need is some decoration, our numbers and to remove the lights.  They were retained for the ride home.

Ready to go...

Really Ready.  The car is all set and ready to race. 

Race Ready

Do you want to know how it all ended...




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