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T U R I Y A ... is a group of music and dance  mainly from india which plays the music of joy and thoughtless awareness. It includes people from all over the world as  artiests, thier arts varies from dance, music, percussion to many  more forms of art. Created on 15TH MARCH 2007   Turiya is performing in and around southamerica marking its impression all over. 

The music form is coloured by indian ragas, pakistani and hindustani qawallis, indian bhajans and Sufi music. It also carries variation of dances from India, Colombia, Russia and Turkey. Its a living form of devotional music and dance which aims to  give the whole world their self realisation through its divine music forms.

In this Global Village in which we are all destined to live in each other's backyards, it is that music which spills over the garden fence by which we will better come to know our neighbours. Eternal Roots not only allows us to hear those sounds, it set out to carefully dismantle the fences.


Gallery of Turiya

National Seminar 2007 

Concert in the National Park


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