Turing's 100th Birthday Party celebrating his life and work will be held at King's College, 
Cambridge—Turing's beloved intellectual home.

Speakers include leading broadcasters and experts on Turing, as well as members of the Turing family 
and others who knew him personally—pioneers of computing who worked alongside him, building and programming the first computers as well as investigating his mathematical theory of how living matter grows.

Codebreaker Jerry Roberts, one of Turing's last surviving wartime colleagues from Station X, will give 
the King's College Turing Centenary Lecture followed by a movie about the Bletchley Park codebreakers.

There will be lectures on Turing's contributions to—the Second World War, the development of our technological society, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, the theory and practice of computing, and 
the understanding of the human mind.

Turing's 100th Birthday Party coincides with the major Turing Centenary congress in Cambridge, allowing guests to attend both events if they wish.

Turing's 100th Birthday Party is being organised by Jack Copeland and Mark Sprevak.

Read about Turing at www.the-turing-web-book.com.

For Alan Turing - Solo Piano Suite In Six Movements — by Matthew Lee Knowles

     •  Sir John Dermot Turing
      •  Jon Agar
      •  Margaret Boden, OBE
      •  Martin Campbell-Kelly
      •  Brian Carpenter
      •  Jack Copeland
      •  Daniel Dennett
      •  Robert Doran
      •  David Link
      •  Teresa Numerico
      •  Brian Oakley
      •  Brian Randell
      •  Bernard Richards
      •  Jerry Roberts
      •  Simon Singh
      •  Doron Swade
      •  Stephen Wolfram
      •  Michael Woodger