Registration is now closed! Come play next year!

To Register:

1- Visit TSE's online registration page

2a- In the upper-right corner click Login if you played withing the past 2 years/ already created account. ***

2b- Click "Create a TSE Account" link in the upper-right of the page. ***Complete the form, INCLUDING BIRTHDAY and GENDER and click the "submit" button at bottom of page.

3- Hover over the "REGISTER NOW" and select "Leagues & Tournaments" from the drop-down menu

4- Select "Ultimate Frisbee" from the menu on the left

5- Notice there are two registration options "men" and "women"- click to appropriate option for the person you are registering

6- Answer the registration/player skills questions. Check the box to accept the waiver, and click the "Add to Cart" button

7- You should then see the shopping cart with "Turf Burn Ultimate Frisbee" included. Click the "Check Out" button

9- Enter billing and payment information, and follow the remaining steps to finalize the transaction.

10- Check your email! If you successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email (from "Max Solutions Online") that your payment was received (email subject "Your On-Line Request Has Been Received").

TSE has a new software system, so if you didn't register in the past 2 years, you will need to create a new account. To make the process slightly easier for yourself:

***Please make sure to enter your birthdate and gender when filling out the form as you create your new TSE account.***

If you don't include your birthdate/gender, you will get an error when trying to register for Turf Burn. (If this happens, edit your account info by going to "My Account" and "Edit Account" in the upper right.)

If you have any trouble with signing up, please contact TSE (585) 458-4263

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