Writer's Guidlines

In the Company of Wolves:
Lessons of Healing and the Art of Happiness from Nature’s Most Resilient Creatures, is a collection of true, inspirational short stories gathered from people who’ve had healing and spiritual encounters with domestic-bred wolves and wolf-dogs throughout North America.

Half of the book's proceeds will go to Howling Woods Farm rescue in support of their mission
to rescue and place abandoned or surrendered wolf-dogs and to educate the public about wolf and wolf-dog facts and myths.
Writers, photographers, and poets donating material for the book will get a byline and a section in the book for a brief author’s bio. When material is accepted by a publishing house, the individual author, photographer, or poet will receive a rights-to-print contract from them.
PLEASE read all the guidelines below before you start writing. Material will be chosen by an editorial screening team and will ultimately receive Mike Hodanish’s, Founder of Howling Woods Farm seal of approval.
How to submit a story or poem?

You can send attachments and emails to wolferstory@gmail.com
Need help putting a story to paper? 

Have a story but not comfortable writing it? Great stories need to be told! Confidential  help is available, email wolferstory@gmail.com

Guidelines for short stories:

Inspiring wolfer stories with word counts between 1,200- 2,500 words.
Format: Doubled-spaced, 12 point font Courier script is preferred, but if that sounds like Greek, don’t worry about it.

PLEASE read the category sections before you write. Sections may be added or removed depending on the amount of submissions, so try your best to fit into a few categories.

First, what makes a great inspirational story?

Inspirational stories have an element that makes us feel hopeful, connected, thankful, passionate and better about life in general. They’re stories that bring tears, laughter, goosebumps (the good kind) or any combination of these. The stories should be written in first-person and have a beginning, middle and an ending that closes with a punch, creating emotion rather than simply talking about happened.

Most of all, inspirational stories don’t preach, they inspire by example.

The anthology will have five (more or less) sections. Submissions will be assigned to sections according to how well they fit into the following working titles. 

•Stories of the Pack - Think of ways wolfers have enhanced your relationship with family, friends, and nature... or brought you closer to understanding someone very different from yourself.

Stories of Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Healing – Those of you who have been profoundly touched by wolfers will not need an explanation here.

Stories of the Joys of Rescue- Have a happy or sad story of picking up a rescue, helping them heal, fostering or adopting? This is the place to tell your story. But it should have a happy ending about how the experience affected you on an emotional level.

Stories of Conservation- Do you find yourself rallying for the cause of wolf conservation? "Intimate" stories of changing someone’s image of the wolf or helping someone feel connected to nature and wolves will work better in this section than large-scale group efforts.

Stories of the Wolf Spirit – What have you taken home from wolfers that changed your life, thinking, or attitude? Mike laughed when told him the wolfers taught me how to be a better parent, but it’s true. What’s your wolf-spirit story?

Guidelines for poetry:

It would be nice to open and close each section with poetry. I have no poetry experience, but I was told the general rule for most publications is a limit of 100 lines, to me less is more if it grabs you.

The poetry should reflect one of the above titles. It would also be nice to open the book with one very short piece (half a page) about rescuing wolfers.

Guidelines for photography:

Quality digital camera pictures are preferred, but unscratched good negatives will be considered. You will have to shrink your file or leave a link to a photo-sharing site at wolferstory@gmail.com

How to submit a story or poem?

You can send attachments and emails to wolferstory@gmail.com