In the Company Of Wolves: Wolfer Magic

Wolfers Defined

wolfer / wu̇lf/n. pl wolfers/ wu̇lfers 1. a term of endearment for a
domestic-bred wolf or wolf-dog.
2. a loyal companion for life.
  3. a spirit guide to the wild side.

Wolfer Magic

Wolves make every moment meaningful whether it's in search of food, play, social interaction or relaxing in the sunshine. They learn directly and quickly from experiences because the wild kingdom is unforgiving, so they take immediate action to solve problems without dwelling on or over them.

No wonder people who place themselves in the company of wolves quickly come to know and understand the value of their resilient nature and walk away emotionally and spiritually enriched by the experience.

Explore the core of wolfer magic in the upcoming books below.

Call for Submissions: In the Company of Wolves

The vicious Brooklyn wolf-dog, captured and sent to Howling Woods Farm on Christmas Eve 2011.

In the Company of Wolves: Lessons of Healing and the Art of Happiness from Nature’s Most Resilient Creatures, is a collection of inspirational stories gathered from people who've had healing, moving, and spiritual encounters with domestic-bred wolves and wolf-dogs throughout America.

Half of the book's proceeds will go to Howling Woods Farm in New Jersey to help support their mission. You can find out more about the farm on their website

If you would like to submit a story for the anthology, take a look at the writer's guidelines page.

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Walk Away Smiles in Rain and Run With the Wolves

When Sarah was four-years-old, I gave her the spirit name, Smiles In Rain because she never wavered from her cheerful position over adversity.

Sadly, her smile only hid the pain of being bullied and shunned by classmates for over a decade, and I almost lost her to a dark place of despair without smiles, only rain.

Walk Away Smiles in Rain, and Run With the Wolves, is the true story of how the rescued wolf-dogs of Howling Woods Farm helped guide me through my daughter’s recovery from post traumatic stress disorder.