Well, it is done.  The first ever Turbo Turtle is in the books and I think it was fairly successful.


The Course:

While it wasn’t marked as well as a paid race might be, MOST people didn’t have issues.  However, at least 4 runners missed a turn on the Tecumseh Trail.  I feel bad for not having it marked better, but it is in a pretty difficult stop to get to without running 8 miles.  I would have marked it if I had more time on Friday.  The two worst parts are: The section of trail that the runners were supposed to run on is very beautiful and they missed out on some impressive scenery and I specifically mentioned this turn in the pre-race briefing.  Oh yeah, and those who missed the turn shouldn’t feel bad because the other RD also ran it incorrectly too. Ha.

The leaves were reaching the end of their beauty before falling from the tress, but there were some spectacular views.  If you took photos, upload them to the site or point me to them.  I’d love to be able to use them (with permission) for the event website.


The Weather:

It rained.  It wasn’t supposed to, but in the first 10 miles or so, almost every runner got poured on by the rain for 5-15 minutes.  That’s the risk with an April race, but not commonly an October one.  The temperatures were pretty great though, lows in the upper 40s, highs in the lower 60s.  cloud cover almost all day kept the temperatures consistent.  The trails were wet, but passable and a few runners even wore their road shoes.


Aid Stations and Food:

I was extremely pleased to be able to offer all of the accommodations of a ‘normal’ ultra at our aid stations.  Of course, I didn’t think it was possible until some amazing people contacted me.  Many thanks to Jason Jones, Ben Benjamin and Brent Colwell.  Jason brought a TON of gels and water for the aid station at mile 21, Ben brought 50 egg and cheese croissantwiches for everyone during and after the race and Brent pulled out all of the stops.  He texted me on Friday night asking if he could be an aid station at the low gap parking lot.  Of course I said sure and told him I’d bring down a water jug.  When I showed up at 10:00 am on Saturday, I saw him there with his RV.  He provided pretzels, skittles, M&Ms, Pringles, cheese-its, soup and so much more for all of the runners coming by after the big downhill.  A few runners were confused and thought that he was there for a different group.  Thanks a lot to all three of you for making this low key race something high class.


Finishers and Awards:

Hopefully everyone found the door prizes sitting out.  There were a few left over at the end of the day but those people had left.  I’ll probably save them for next year…. J

Please let us all know your finish times if you have them, I didn’t record them because I was off breaking down the course or not paying attention (oops).  Here is the finish order as far as I know for the full 50k:

Jason J.*

Andrew B.* (Congrats on your first Ultra!)

Ryan J.*

Julia V. (Congrats on your first Ultra!)

Chris J.


Other Finishers (I can’t remember the order, and I know I am missing some)

Coby H.

Drew N.

Mike M.

Ed K.

Bob S.


The official winners were Julia and Chris.  The first three runners took a wrong turn (see above) and while ran the proper distance, didn’t run the proper course. We’ll mark it better next year.



I’m pleased to say that we were able to make a donation to the Indiana Trail Running Website.  If you missed the opportunity and still wish to contribute, just hit the donate button on the site and make a comment about enjoying the TT50k.  Hopefully we’ll be able to continue this in the future.


Thanks again to all of the sponsors:

Indiana Trail Running website – for hosting the forums for all of these questions and connections

Indiana Running Company – for the winner prizes and other gear

Spiz Energy – for the sample bottles and coupon codes. (if you want more info about this, please contact me)

Bugles Across America (and Ben Benjamin) – for the Croissantwiches

RoadID – for the race bibs and gift certificates

Hoosier Hikers Council – for the excellent trails.  Please go down on Saturday for the Knobstone Mini Marathon!

…and everyone else who came out and / or brought food for us to share!



Thank you for showing interest or signing up for the First EVER Turbo Turtle 50k at Morgan Monroe State Forest. This event will be fun and very relaxed.  If you are looking for a pre-run expo, you aren’t going to find it.  Our sponsors are only those from our support groups.  Our course is marked by use of utility flags with permanent marker on them.  The race bibs are whatever we could find online.  The prizes will either be fabricated out of paper plates or begged for from companies in the area.  We don’t have an entry fee, but will take donations to support Indiana Trail Running and the Hoosier Hikers Council. The “race” is small, expect to see 10-20 people on the starting line with you.  Most of the run you’ll likely be alone, but that’s ok.  Enjoy the forest and the trees.  A cool October day spent running in the woods is about the best thing there is.  This course will be sparingly marked and aid stations are a myth. 

The registration table is a picnic table, the race directors are just kids by most accounts and the mascot is a dog in a turtle costume.  The race course is a 50k plus or minus a k or two.  The course is hilly, about 10% gravel logging road, 89% single track and 1% road crossings.  Don’t expect a PR unless you’ve never run a 50k before.  There will be times when you are pissed you signed up for this run.  Mostly in the first 3 miles on the gravel road.  There will be times when the trail floats by and there will be times where you enjoy the humor and truth in the “turbo turtle”. If there is something you didn’t like about the race, we’d be happy to listen to your comments and if deemed appropriate, refund you entry fee. If there are any remaining questions after reading below, please let us know!


Preregistration is closed!