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San Juan Hut to hut trip some friends and I did in Aug 2006.  It starts in Telluride, CO and ends in Moab, UT.

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 Here are a FEW of the pictures from the San Juan trip.


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8. Rohloff hub pictures:

Quick trip note(s):

1. BOB trailers suck.  They fishtail at speed above 25-30 mph.  They also catch on tight passageways between rocks.  Buy some panniers and racks.

2. More to come later... 

3. Graham ranch cabin... has hot showers, but they also have a discreet and voluntary "tip" jar there.  I felt bad that I had no cash with me.  That shower was worth at least $50.  Also... the hut's SO mouse-infested it's more like a mouse house. (Update 2011, supposedly they have replaced this hut with a new, rodentless, version.)