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"Love this page!   The under construction page is brilliant!  Love the colors!" -- Bill in Washington

"Best ever under construction page.  Normally I don't get excited about "page under construction" but this one brought me to my feet cheering!  Four stars and two thumbs up!"  Gene in New York

"You never see a page under construction page like this one -- gorgeous!" -- J.D. Florida

I'm sorry, this page is under construction.

Sadly, your computer is still 50% slower than it was before. 

Speed Chart:


I have taken the speed up page offline to do some improvements.  I should maybe have it up by September 17th, 2008.  I've got some other things to do before then, and I'm truly very busy.  Sorry.  Right now I'm dedicating all of my time to the local orphans that I help.  Send some money to them.

If your computer slowed down, please try one of the other utilities in the upper right.  They are sure to solve the problem.

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