Pages updated 13 December, 2018 

Currently I work as a senior research adviser at the Monetary Policy and Research Department of the
Bank of Finland and as a visiting scholar at the VATT Institute for Economic Research.

I am also an adjunct professor (i.e. 'dosentti' in Finnish) at the Aalto University School of Business, Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics, Turku School of Economics, and University of Oulu, and an external adviser at the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

My previous positions include Professor of Economics at the Hanken School of Economics, Research Supervisor at the Monetary Policy and Research Department at the Bank of Finland, Professor of Economics at the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics, Director of the Finnish Doctoral Program in Economics, Senior Researcher at the Department of Managerial Economics, Strategy, and Innovation at the KU Leuven, and Editor-in-Chief of the Finnish Economic Papers. I have been a visiting scholar at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge and the Economics Departments at the Toulouse School of Economics, Boston University, and MIT. In addition, I have worked as a consultant in numerous cases for both private and public sector entities. 

My graduate degree, Dr.Sc.(Econ.), is from the University of Helsinki. During my graduate studies I spent one year at the Economics Department at the University of Warwick.

My research primarily deals with innovation, intellectual property, and financial economics. I have also done some research on political science and the theory of search and matching. My research is published in numerous academic books and journals, including American Economic ReviewRAND Journal of Economics, and Review of Economics & Statistics.

Email: tuomas.takalo at