NEW added on 1st July 2013 "Original Pages" these are copies of the original pages from the Tunstall Baptist Chapel Records, so researchers  are able to see for themselves the name as entered!
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At the moment this site is the only place that these transcriptions exist, the originals are in private hands.
You may use this information as you wish, with the exception for profit or gain. I retain copyright to these  transcriptions.
Terry Levett 19 Feb. 2010

The documents attached are a transcription of the records of Tunstall Baptist Church  in Suffolk, they consist of 3 separate spreadsheets.

Commencing in 1805, which was the Chapels foundation, the last entry is dated 1862.The 1st sheet in this list is headed .............. "Names of Members & Number on February 22nd 1842"
The majority of the names have a line through them probably as they died or left.

 "Account of Registers of Births at the Chapel at Tunstall" 
These are BIRTH dates & not baptism's also no mother's maiden name is given. this list is from 1805-1837

 "Account of Deaths Tunstall Chapel"
 A list of basic epitaphs of 2 or 3 lines, which I have tabulated, again dates are 1805-1837.

I have used the spreadsheet format to make it easier to reform it in whatever sequence is convenient to the researcher. Spelling of place names are as shown in original, sometimes with correct spelling in brackets, other information in bracket's may be alternative possibility's if it's not clear it could also be additional data shown in the records, it should be obvious which it is. Question marks after a letter, number name or word indicate an entry that is not clear.The  Mem. column indicates whether a member of this Church or not. B.B. = Base Born

Parishes & towns listed that attendants came from:-
Aldeburgh;  Benhall; Blaxhall; Boyton; Butley; Campsey Ash; Capel St. Andrews; Chillesford; Eyke; Farnham; Friston; Hacheston; Iken; Melton; Orford; Parham; Rendlesham; Shottisham; Snape; Sudbourn; Sweffling; Tunstall; Wantisden; Wickham Market & Woodbridge plus entry's for Ipswich; Colchester, & Brantree in Essex and Rottingdane,Sussex

Acknowledgements  & Thanks
These records have taken some time to transcribe, alter, proof- read and correct, here are the people involved.
Terry Levett for transcription and instigation of this project.
Dianne Plattfuss for proof reading, advice & suggestions
Terry Friend for supplying photocopy's of originals & searching out missing pages & proof- reading
John Richardson for procuring and copying original documents.