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Unforgettable Taste


Most of questions we receive are answered below:


Where is SFAX?

Sfax City map

What is Tunisian cuisine?

You find in this page Home all informations about Tunisian cuisine.

What is Tunisian cuisine products?

You find in this page products the most popular products used to create excellent Tunisian couscous recipes .

Are all the Tunisian cuisine products available?

All tunisian cuisine products are available , there is no out of stock.

How do I buy Tunisian cuisine products?

You visit this page Price List , you choose your product , then you click on payment link and follow the instructions.

What is your method of payment?

Our method payment is pecunix.We will add other method payments.

What is pecunix?

Bring gold and the Internet together in a secure, flexible, fast system with access to global value-added benefits, and you have an online currency perfectly suited to the demands of international trading. In short, you have Pecunix.

Pecunix is a currency based on gold - not on paper value, not on dollars or yen or lira or pounds, but on pure, solid, real gold.

You can buy goods and services with Pecunix.
You can sell goods and services with Pecunix.
You can convert Pecunix to national currencies.
You can convert national currencies to Pecunix.

Pecunix is money, but it is money that has been refined to meet the needs of a world where business is no longer constrained by borders.

I have not pecunix account,How do I buy Tunisian cuisine products?

Open an pecunix account, it's easy , free and take less than one minute.visit this page Price List ,choose your product , and follow the instructions.

How Can I make a whole order?

send email:tunisiancuisinestoresite@gmail.com / asdk1.asd1@gmail.com 


The delivery of your products is carried out during the working days.you receive your products between 4 and 8 days in all the world .

You use express shipping?

YES.Express shipping from Tunisia to all the world.


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