Service Expectations

The following is what you can expect when you call me about your piano.


The following are the steps of the service I provide.

1.  I inspect all sound making aspects of your piano.

2.  I write an estimate of the service I can provide. When there is a piano need that is not within my ability, I will refer you to other professionals who can address that need.

3.  I provide the service that you want done. Tuning the piano takes about 90 minutes. The time to perform other services will be estimated in advance so you will know what to expect. Generally, you can expect me to be at your piano two to four hours depending upon the extent of the service I provide.

.  I explain the service that I provided. Any outstanding piano needs are written for your future consideration. Any questions you may have are answered.

.  You, my customer, are asked to complete a written service evaluation form provided by me.


I am competent in the areas of tuning and pitch adjustment, and general action and string repairs of all piano styles. I am proficient with regulation adjustments of vertical pianos. Regulation work is the proper adjustment of about 2200 moving parts responsible for striking the strings in just the right way to produce the quality piano sound and piano playing experience. I am also trained to service Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Systems, an automated humidity control system for pianos.
Your piano may also be an important part of your home or office environment. The way your piano key surface and cabinet look will be important. I have access to a full range of
professional grade touch-up, cleaning, and polishing products to help you enhance and protect how your piano looks. Just ask.