Who I Am and What I Do

My name is Tony Rodriguez. I am a Registered Piano Technician and a full member of the National Piano Technicians Guild.

Pianos are my passion. I have been working on pianos since I was 11 years old. Feel free to access news paper articles
about my early career experience.  (News Articles - List of press articles about passion for pianos.)

All Registered Piano Technicians must pass three intensive examinations. The first is a written exam that covers the theory and technology of piano service. The second exam assesses tuning technique and accuracy. The third examines piano action regulation and repair skills.

Becoming proficient at servicing the piano takes many years of study and hands-on experience. I am a graduate of the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology, had additional advanced training hosted at the Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, and am on my second year of apprenticeship at the Reeder Piano Restoration Center in Lansing, Michigan. I expect to actively enrich my skill in piano technology the rest of my life.