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Tuneful Tubes?
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How many wind instruments below can you identify?
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Individual instruments only enlarge on the actual presentation
The answers are revealed in "Tuneful Tubes?" DVD
an interactive computer PowerPoint* presentation
for use in educational establishments and at home
Now including additional multiple choice quiz with over 390 slides
*PowerPoint is part of MS Office, but the DVD includes a PowerPoint reader.
Including numerous photographs, descriptions,
sounds and Internet links, all cross-indexed for reference purposes
A Musical Adventure with over 690 slides taking 2Gb

- well over a CD's 700
Mb memory well over a CD's capacity, so now on computer DVD!
With over 460 sound clips and 10 video clips of talented musicians from around the
world, covering the collections shown above, including Snowshill Manor,
Gloucestershire, with the consent of The National Trust
At a cost-covering (non-profit-making) price of just £8.00 (8 UKP)
including postage to UK or £10.00 (10 UKP) outside UK via
(click on logo) to David@flexibase.org.uk or Email request address for cheques
Comments received on CD:

"My husband and I are fascinated by the huge collection and information in the CD.  It must be years and months and hours of work. Congratulations to such a project.  We find it very educational, and even my husband who blows all the brass instruments thought it most extraordinary! We enjoy in particular the inclusion of all the ethnic instruments, the weird looks ones and the ones with scary heads!"
"What a remarkable achievement! It must have taken you absolutely ages! Loads of fascinating information." Frances Jones: http://www.amazingalphorn.com
"I really enjoyed the CD... You've packed that project with so much interesting information! I'm glad you've put it all together."
Karen Birch Blundell
"I have spent a very entertaining hour browsing the content...  I can only wonder at the amount of work that you have put into this... A fascinating presentation and one that I will treasure... Thanks for a stimulating and most enjoyable work.  I have no hesitation in recommending this as a valuable reference work"                    Roy Round, Worcester.

Demonstrated Talks on Wind Instrument History
Trumpet and Alpine Horn Fanfares for Special Occasions


Photograph: Claire L. Bazeley

Using many brass type and woodwind instruments
from a collection of over 200 from around the world,
these audience participation talks have been well received by members of Probus, Rotary, U3A, Women's Institutes and other groups.
Based in Worcestershire, UK Bookings can be accepted
for both daytime and evening
Tel. (01905) 775840
Email:  flexicase@gmail.com
Comments received on talks:
"We really did enjoy the afternoon.  It was a very different talk, entertaining and informative, many ,many thanks. Cofton Hackett Women's Institute.
"Thank you most sincerely for an excellent presentation which was very much enjoyed by those present.  You have a wonderful collection of instruments and those that you have constructed are impressive.  Obviously, you have a talent for converting the unexpected into a tune!" Droitwich Probus.
"Many thanks indeed for giving us all such a light hearted yet most informative talk.  Your demonstrations on such a wide and fascinating variety of instruments were appreciated by even the most staid of our members and it was good to see a surprising number of them increasingly relaxing and having fun as your talk progressed.Life can definitely be taken far too seriously!!!"  Droitwich Rotary Club
"Thank you so much for such a lovely afternoon of rare music with your "Tuneful Tubes" which our members really enjoyed. It was particularly interesting to see just how many instruments you could fit into your car.  You certainly have a knack if getting the most out of a lot of old pipes, and it was all extremely entertaining." Droitwich Women's Fellowship
"David Wornham gave us a talk with his own musical performances based on approximately 60 of the 200 or so musical instruments he has in his collection; including certain adapted devices.  He gave us a look back at the history of musical wind instruments going back to very early times.  He showed us a huge variety of different sizes of instruments, explained the different parts of the world some of them came from and demonstrated the sounds made (and levels of sophistication).  They were of many types and would have a variety of different market values.  There was a wide variety of different materials used for manufacture and for fashioning from various materials; those fashioned included a vacuum cleaner hose, a hosepipe plus mouthpiece plus fuel-filter and other improvised devices.  David had a great but modest ability as a musician to play them.  He had a use of props and jokes that engaged and entertained us the audience with plenty of laughs.  In my opinion he was a good performer with a very substantial knowledge of his subject and competence as musician and we were all very grateful to David."  Maney Probus Club, Sutton Coldfield
Seen and tried by many on public days at
the National Trust's
Croome Court & Snowshill Manor
Avoncroft Museum of Buildings
and Worcestershire County Museum at Hartlebury Castle http://www.whub.org.uk/cms/museums-worcestershire/hartlebury-museum.aspx 
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Croombe Court 2010

  Snowshill Manor 2010
Snowshill Manor 2011


Arts Alive Autumn Fair, Bromsgrove, October 2012
 Avoncroft Museum of Buildings, Bromsgrove, February 2013
Worcestershire County Museum, Hartlebury Castle, October, 2013
  Worcester U3A, February 2014. Photographs by Margaret Sweet

St. Richard's Parade Droitwich 2014
          Trumpeter to "King John" on Royal Barge Pamela May, Droitwich Charter Day 2015. Photos. (C) 2015 Nick Hill
Avoncroft Museum of Buildings, Bromsgrove, April 2015.

"Have Tubes - Will Travel"