To Fairbanks' premier Middle Eastern dance troupe, Tundra Caravan!
We entertain & educate audiences with Middle Eastern music and dance. 
Our diverse dance repertoire includes traditional, contemporary, and fusion styles of belly dance 
from the Middle East, India, Near East & North Africa.
Check out our new video!

Thank you to Lis Bartlett for video and editing!


                                  Upcoming Events:

Student Troupe Auditions

August 26, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Dance Hall (Pioneer Park)

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Workshop with Shiloh

August 27, 10am-4pm, Dance Hall (Pioneer Park)

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Want to learn to Bellydance?

Consider taking one or both classes Fall semester (Sept 5–Dec 16):


RECR 130 Middle Eastern Dance (Beginner), TR 4:00-5:30, CTC room 116, CRN 77680.


RECR 193 Intermediate Middle Eastern Dance, TR 6:00-7:30, CTC room 116, CRN 78053.


Anyone can enroll, but you must register through UAF. If you are not already in the UAF system, you must first apply for admission: http://uaf.edu/admissions/apply/#instructions


Detailed Course Information (RECR 130): “This course is designed for students with little or no background in Middle Eastern Dance (MED) or for anyone who wants to refine their technique and gain a deeper understanding of the different styles, history, and evolution of MED from social dance to performance art. The majority of the semester will focus on the dance vocabulary associated with the Oriental style of dance and execution of proper MED technique. You will also be briefly introduced to dancing with a three-yard veil and playing zills (finger cymbals).”


Detailed Course Information (RECR 193): “This course is designed for students who already have a strong foundation in beginning Middle Eastern Dance (MED) movements. While new technique will be introduced, students will continue working on perfecting the basic movement vocabulary. The majority of the semester will focus on intermediate dance vocabulary (including layering basic moves with shimmies) associated with the Oriental style of dance, learning a choreography to perform, dancing with zills (finger cymbals) and veils.”

If you need assistance enrolling, please contact:

Brighton Brooks (Academic Advisor)

907-455-2060 | 907-479-3443 | brighton.brooks@alaska.edu | 


If you have questions about the course or need instructor permission to enroll, please contact:

Melanie Lindholm (Instructor, Middle Eastern Dance)

907-888-0044 | mmlindholm@alaska.edu |


Note: you also have the option to “audit” the course(s). Students audit classes especially if they are unsure about being able to attend enough classes to pass the course(s).





Photo by Nicole Kelly

Photography by Susan Stevenson                         
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