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Find a Belly Dance instructor that's right for you!

Lara Lotze, founder of Alaska Awalim offers performance and regular classes in Raqs Sharqi Belly Dance and private consultation for prenatal/post-partum fitness.

Souzana (Susan Chapa), founder of Raks Souzana and co-director of Tundra Caravan is a dynamic teacher and performer, specializing in both modern and classic Belly Dance. She offers beginning through advanced classes.

Zara Noor is a joyful and expressive dancer, her performances full of intensity and emotion. She has studied Middle Eastern Dance for over 20 years and has taught hundreds of students of all ages and abilities to dance.

The members of Cold Fusion have various dance backgrounds, which include cabaret bellydance, Bollywood, hip hop, Bhangra, African, ballet, jazz, burlesque, tap and Odissi. Their years of experience show in the innovative choreographies.
Tribal Wallah performs Group Improvisational Tribal Style (GTI) Belly Dance, with a very strong base in American Tribal Style (ATS) Belly Dance, created by Fat Chance Belly Dance Founder Carolena Nerricio. ATS is a fusion of belly dance styles, blending and combining an intoxicating and fantastic collage of costume, music, jewelry, props and dance. The influences are from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Morocco.