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"The happiest Trikke customers are those who
buy from dealers and we would like them to find you." 
From an email sent by Trikke Tech, Inc. to their dealers

Hi everyone, Katie and I would like to welcome you to 
our website and to the incredible world of Trikke, 
and Trikke riding. 

We got started in 2007 after doing a demo ride and just knew right from that very first day that we not only had to get a couple for ourselves, but that we also just had to make them 
available for other people to enjoy this incredible sport too.

What a sense of freedom and just pure pleasure ..... no actually joy, you get from carving and flying around on a Trikke. (Not to mention the outstanding spectrum 
of exercise that Trikke riding offers ..... from gentle and relaxing to full on gonzo cardio/pulmonary, as well as full body muscle toning and weight reducing workouts)

Our first ride was so incredible, we couldnt stop. We were having so much fun we didn't want to get off. We were like kids again. After a few days of riding we felt even better about 
our decision to start Trikking. That was it, we were hooked and are loving our Trikkes all the way from then until now, and I can't imagine a day when we'll ever stop. 

It will be our great pleasure, if you choose, to help you select the right Trikke for you and your needs, and to 
be your guide in discovering the fun, the joy and the benefits of Trikke riding. 

We offer free demo rides, advanced " Demo Lessons", Free ride training with your purchase, (see our reviews) 
as well as any service your Trikke may need. We're a full service Trikke dealer.

Give us a call, or email, for more info, or to 
schedule your demo ride. Just click on the "Contact Us" link in the menu bar at the top left of this page.

 When you buy your new Trikke from us you get:
FREE Assembly
During assemble, we go over every every aspect of your new Trikke before it's ready to ride. 
Every component, bolt, cable and system which is part of your Trikke is, properly adjusted, tightened, inspected, 
and even in some rare cases a part is replaced before it's ready for you to take home and ride. You're assured of getting a 
perfect Trikke when you buy from us. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure your first 
ride on your new Trikke will be not only fun, but also trouble free.

FREE Lifetime Service
After the one year warranty is up, if your Trikke should ever need service, you may have to buy 
parts (if needed), but we'll provide the service at the best price possible ... FREE!

FREE Trikke Training
What's worse than getting a Trikke and realizing that you need some training? Having to pay for it! 
With your new Trikke, purchased from us, you get the Expert Training you'll need to get the most of every 
possible benefit your Trikke has to offer. We've taught hundreds of happy Trikkers how to ride so they now are
loving their Trikkes to the Max, and we can teach you too.

100% Support for the life of your Trikke‎!

Why do we do all of this???
Because ..... as our motto says,

"We go out of our way to make sure you have the

finest Trikke experience possible"

It's the way we like to be treated, so why would we give any less?



And what if you bought somewhere else?
Yes, you still get excellent Service, Assembly, 
Trikke Training, Repairs & Tune-ups (all models)

Tumbleweed Support Package

If you bought your Trikke somewhere else, but are feeling lonely out there, all on 
your own without the support you wish you'd gotten we can help. 
With our support package you can have all the support 
you wish you'd gotten when you bought your Trikke.

Our service package includes:

(Or re-assembly, to make sure your Trikke is set up right, is safe and ready to ride)
Unlimited Ride Training 
(As many training sessions as you feel you need until you've got it)
Unlimited Service
Whatever your trikke may need for 1 year)

Price $250

Come do a Demo Ride on our Trikkes .....
Most people want to test ride the different models before they buy. This gives you the
best possible advantage for getting the Trikke that's right for you.
(See our "Demo Rides" page for more info)
 President Jimmy Carter riding his Trikke

So ... What is a Trikke?

The Trikke is an innovative three-wheeled vehicle that takes the best of the popular vehicles of today and combines them into a completely new machine in form, function, and riding experience. The patented technology makes it possible for a rider to propel the Trikke forward without pushing or pedaling... just rock and roll!

How is it different?

Often mistaken as a scooter when seen for the first time, the Trikke immediately sets itself apart when a rider hops on and takes the first few turns. People often ask "What makes it move?", "Where are the batteries?" Trikke's movement has the rhythm of in-line skating, surfing, snowboarding, or skiing on pavement because the entire vehicle leans in unison due to its finely coordinated (and patented) cambering mechanism. Rhythmic weight transfer from one leg to another is the key to propelling the Trikke forward. It's fun to ride and it feels great!

What's a Cambering Vehicle?

Trikke (pronounced trike) Trikke three-wheeled cambering vehicles are human powered machines that utilize Trikke Tech’s patented 3CV technology to allow a rider to propel a chainless, pedal-less device forward without ever touching foot to ground. This elegantly simple construct provides a stable 3-point platform that leans into the turn with the rider while all three wheels remain in contact with the ground. A rider may reach speeds of up to 18 mph on flat ground, ride 50 miles in one day, and climb the steepest of hills (with practice!). Trikke’s design allows the rider to naturally engage his entire body throughout the ride. Legs are active for balancing and shock-absorption and arms punch for power-thrusts, for stability and control. The Trikke 3-wheeler allows you, the rider, to feel the miracle of your own body and mind working in graceful unison. The bi-products of the ride are joy, health, fitness and a renewed appreciation for yourself and your life.


No Impact - Just Muscle Exercise!  Most Trikke owners are in their 40s,  50's, 60's and some youngsters in their 70's.  The Trikke is also extremely popular with the younger generation.  The fun, comfort and security of the Trikke has people of all ages enjoying the outdoors. Running is high impact on your joints, walking is just too slow, inline skating can be hazardous.  The Trikke is the medium between walking and running but with no impact - just muscle exercise.  Go longer distances to get that extended workout without over exerting.  Inline skating (roller blading) only has 2 points on the ground which makes you vulnerable.   The Trikke and it's 3 point stance gives you the comfort, security and stability that most prefer. You'll also burn 100's of calories and tone your muscles while getting a really great cardio-pulmonary workout that is so important to your daily health.  When compared to riding a bicycle, you'll consistently burn 25% more calories when ridden at the same exertion level while firming the WHOLE body. You'll also enjoy more scenery!  Carving for 5 to 10 miles is very common on the Trikke.  You'll intrigue people and turn their heads.  Get on a Trikke today and see for yourself how FUN the FITNESS MACHINE can be!  


" ...... an addictive blend of form and fitness. Good aerobic and all-body toning workout.

Tons of positive reinforcement; you will attract thumbs-up gestures from observers of all ages."

Los Angeles Times

The Trikke was named "One of the coolest inventions of the year."
Time Magazine
“A superb full-body-toning and fat shedding workout. Body parts worked:
Shoulders, arms, abs, glutes, thighs, calves. Time needed for a workout:

15 to 30 minutes, (but so much fun you’ll go an hour).”

Men’s Fitness Magazine

"An easy side-to-side motion, similar to skiing or inline skating, combined with leaning the

Trikke in the direction of the turns can propel the rider to speeds exceeding 18 miles per hour."

People Magazine, September 2002

"It's like skateboarding and skiing, and I can take it on the 405!"
David Spade, Hollywood Actor


                                                                                                                                                                Trikke Explanation and Demonstration 

Tumbleweed Trikke
Gregory & Katie Riddael  



"We go out of our way to make sure you have the

finest Trikke experience possible"






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