Who we are

TUMAMOC WALKERS are an informal collection of like-minded people who protect and promote the use of Tumamoc Hill. We promote the use of Tumamoc Hill for walking and jogging, as an excellent form of exercise for all ages.

Access to Tumamoc Hill for Walkers

  • The paved path (Tumamoc Hill Road) from Anklam Rd to the top of the hill is owned by The University of Arizona
  • The road is open to walkers EXCEPT on weekdays 7:30am to 5:30pm

Our Purpose (Mission)

  • To ensure continued access to Tumamoc Hill for walkers and joggers.
  • To ensure access to the walking path by picking up litter along the walking path the parking area on Anklam Road to the crest of the hill.
  • To ensure access to the walking path by reminding Tumamoc Walkers and Joggers of our responsibilities.

Our Objectives

  • no dogs
  • no bicycles
  • no littering
  • no smoking
  • no political graffiti
  • no walking off the paved road
  • Just 3 miles west of downtown Tucson, Tumomoc Hill provides unequaled views of the city from it's crest, 740 feet above the city
  • Tumamoc Hill Road is surrounded by natural Sonoran Desert vegetation with saguaros, creosote bush, paloverdes; and with deer, javalina, foxes, coyotes, rattlesnakes, roadrunners and cougars.
  • The paved road becomes increasingly steep upward, with gentle switchbacks alternating with steep grades of up to 18%. The alternating switchbacks provide a great workout.
  • What's blooming? 12/10/10 Brittle bush in flower just above the Desert Lab gate!
    Let us know what you see!