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       Tulsa Regional 2011 Flyer

Some new pair events!
 The Gold Gusher Pairs lets players looking for their gold points play in a flight limited to players with 750 points.  But the open flight will get to count the tables in both flights for overall awards!
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 The Choice Pairs allows you and your partner to pick any two of the three sessions on the same day to play in. By playing in the morning and afternoon sessions you will not have to drive at night. Click for more details.
 The Side Series Pairs are good for people with a limited time to play or who just need a little more bridge. Play in any single event for red points. But you can win gold points by playing in two or more of the same series (9 am, 1 pm or 7 pm) and placing overall with your two highest games. You are rated individually so you can change partners. Click for more details.

 For intermediate and newcomer players try the Gusher pair events. Monday night, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday the lower stratifications are for players with 0-100 and 100-300 points but you can also win gold in the Gold Gusher games. There are pair games limited to 300 points on Tuesday and Friday at 7 pm. A 0-100 point pair game will be held Tuesday at 1 pm.  A 0-300 point team game will be held Wednesday at 1 pm.

 Every night we are having a different treat after the game. Stay in the playing area, snack and compare scores. On Tuesday and Friday night bring your swimsuit and try out the hotel's pool and we will snack outside after the game!

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