About Us

The Tulsa Master Recyclers Association was established to promote a healthy and sustainable environment by educating and motivating people to reduce waste throughout the Tulsa community and the State of Oklahoma.
What is a Master Recycler?
Master Recyclers are trained volunteers who help educate the general public in Tulsa about waste prevention and recycling.

What does a Master Recycler do?
  • Give presentations to school children and civic groups
  • Monitor recycling at special events
  • Conduct workshops
  • Set up and staff exhibits and displays
  • Research topics and trends related to solid waste management
  • Start recycling programs in schools, businesses, and multi-family dwellings
What are the requirements to be a Tulsa Master Recycler?
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Complete the 10-session training class and a final exam
  • Pay $20 yearly dues
  • Volunteer 20 hours per year