Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

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tulip fabric spray paint
tulip fabric spray paint - Tulip Fashion
Tulip Fashion Graffiti Fabric Paint Cannon
Tulip Fashion Graffiti Fabric Paint Cannon
Forget spraying your surroundings! Point that color toward fabric and let loose for HAUTE fashion you won't forget! Get the job done with the Tulip® Fashion GraffitiTM Fabric Paint CannonTM and feel good about it! That's right, this non-aerosol fashion tool is environmentally friendly so you can create your look without feeling guilty. By using this product over competing aerosol sprays - assuming a 12,000 unit annual volume - fashion divas can reduce the earth's carbon footprint by 0.51 tons of carbon dioxide per year!

Chip ( Beauty and the Beast ) ATC #3
Chip ( Beauty and the Beast ) ATC #3
The last in my Chip Swapbot ATCs. The image is of Chip as he appears in Beauty and the Beast Live Onstage at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios. I distressed the card with Ranger Inks and Tim Holtz distress ink. I then used the same glass beads texture gel with the Wild Plum alcohol ink to add a bubbly look. The glitter is an old jar of Martha Stewart Fine Glitter ( I don't know what color, as the label bit the dust long ago ), but it's a shimmery multi-toned purplish color. The embellishments on Chip's base are enhanced with Tulip Puffy T Shirt Paint. Since this is based on a Costumed Character at a Theme Park, I wanted to include some sort of fabric inspired texture somewhere in the piece. The card was sealed with Acrylic Gloss Spray to keep the glitter from flittering away.
Fabric sprayed doily
Fabric sprayed doily
Totally got this idea from the Naughty Secretary Club blog.
tulip fabric spray paint
tulip fabric spray paint
Tulip Fabric Spray Pack - Neon Colors - Set of 4 Colors
Easy Instant Color! Take fabric painting to a new level when you add instant pizzazz with this revolutionary new product. Simply spray these vibrant paints onto your fabric project and let dry 24 hours for permanent, machine-washable color. Spray freehand, apply to crumpled fabric for interesting patterns, use stencils, or create watercolor effects by applying to dampened fabric. Best when used on prewashed white or light colored fabric. Neon color assortment includes four 2-oz. (59ml) bottles.