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    The Department of Neurosurgery, in collaboration with the Department of Plastic Surgery, has opened a Microsurgery Lab in room 8704 at 1430 Tulane Avenue.  Our microsurgical laboratory provides opportunities for neurosurgery residents and medical students who are seeking additional experience and research projects in anatomical cadaveric dissections.  Located conveniently on the 8th floor of Tulane's School of Medicine, our purpose is to advance neuroanatomical knowledge in order to provide a greater benefit for the field of medicine.

    Currently, there are two projects underway: a
dissection of the Diploic venous channels and a dissection of the Facial Artery.  Cadaveric heads are fixed in a solution of
alcohol and formaldehyde, and red and blue silicone is injected into the arteries and veins, respectively. Microsurgical tools and
techniques are used to dissect out each artery in order to accurately describe the course of the vasculature and important anastomoses.

     The lab is under the direction of Dr. Miguel Melgar, Chairman of the the Department of Neurosurgery, and Dr. Jorge Alvernia, a Neurosurgery resident.  Student researchers currently include Raj Patel, David Cai, and Cyntrell Crawford.