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  • It Begins! The game has now officially begun!If you have not yet done so, visit www.hvzsource.com/tuloy and sign up for the game! We will be accepting new players into the game for some time yet so don't worry.Also since I have neglected to inform everyone once again, Professors are both welcomed and encouraged to join. If you think your professor would like to play send them here!We will be giving out information daily in regards to missions so make sure and check your e-mail regularly.I hope everyone's week is filled with zombie fun!
    Posted Nov 5, 2012, 11:25 PM by Tulane HvZ
  • Information meetings! Our first information meeting is tonight, October 30 from 8:00-9:00 P.M. in Room 108 of Jones Hall.The three dates we will be having meetings are:Today, October 30th from 8-9P.M. Jones 108Saturday, November 3rd from 8-9P.M. Jones 102Monday, November 5th from 8-9P.M. Jones 204These are especially important if you have never played before! Even if you have played you are more than welcome to attend. Tell everyone you know!
    Posted Oct 30, 2012, 11:48 AM by Tulane HvZ
  • HvZ Source Site! We now have our HvZ Source site set up!You can find it at www.hvzsource.com/tuloy.Sign up and tell your friends! Also tell everyone about this site! P.S. the Calendar will be updated with all dates within the next few days. 
    Posted Oct 18, 2012, 9:06 AM by Tulane HvZ
  • Mini Game Reminder! REMINDER: We will be having a game of Capture the flag today! It will be at 2 P.M. in front of Gibson!Hope to see you all there!
    Posted Oct 12, 2012, 11:02 AM by Tulane HvZ
  • The Begining! Hello all Tulane Humans Versus Zombies fans!Today I cannot tell you much about what is happening, but I can tell you this year is looking to be our best ever! We should have a nice convenient way for you to express interest by the time anyone sees this so tell me how it works!That is all I can say for the moment, but get ready everyone! It will be quite the year!
    Posted Sep 26, 2012, 8:24 AM by Tulane HvZ
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Next Game is in the Works!

Here is a bit of info courtesy of our promotional E-mail:

Our club is designed to increase social and physical activity in students, while providing a fun training exercise for the impending apocalypse.

Humans versus Zombies is an internationally played extracurricular activity involving a complex series of games played nonstop for up to a week at a time. During this week, participating students take part in a local zombie virus outbreak. What starts as one or a few zombies (identified by the bandanas they wear on their heads) soon becomes a true horde as the rest of the players (humans wearing their bandanas on arms and other limbs) struggle to survive. Human players have the advantage of Nerf blasters, socks, pillows, foam swords, and just about any other soft items with which they can tag and stun a zombie. Usually we run the large scale games once in October or November and once around April. Be on the lookout for more information, as the moderators will have a few meetings ahead of time to explain the rules and answer any questions you may have (and please feel free to email me with questions at any time). For the past two years, our club has been focused on creating and running games in conjunction with a similar club at Loyola University. (Loyola and Tulane’s clubs share resources and play together for the major games we run each semester.) When we are not running a full scale game, we have “mini-missions”, in which groups meet a few times a month for smaller derivations of the full game. We also run stands and events in which we give out information and receive donations for research on the aforementioned diseases and disorders.

More seriously, this year we intend to also work to raise awareness and funds for the prevention and treatment of several diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Leprosy, Rabies, and Creudzfeldt-Jacobs Disease.

We hope to see you around campus! As always, keep safe, and remember cardio (no, seriously, these games can be a workout, I recommend cardio).


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