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Immersion Learning

Next Immersion series:  TBD

OceanGate Field Trip:

On Friday, April 1st we took 10 youth to visit OceanGate at the Port of Everett.  During our time we got to tour a 5 person submersible, do a buoyancy challenge, and learn how to use a manipulator arm.  Our Immersion youth had such a great experience!  Thank you OceanGate!!

Immersion Highlights 2015-2016:

This year we started out learning about Ancient Eruptions and the
island of Thera.  In this session we learned about volcanos and how the island of Thera has changed throughout time.  We ended our lessons wi
th a club-wide Safety and Emergency Preparedness Event.  For this event we had volunteers from the Red Cross, Tulalip Resort, Tulalip Bay Fire Department, Tulalip Police Department, Health Clinic, Coca-Cola, and Wisdom Warriors. This was a hugely successful night and we look forward to more events like this in the future.  Starting in January we will learn about the Marine Mammals of the Arctic.  Activities include being a beluga whale trainer, learning how scientist research polar bears and narwhals, and what make the Arctic region special.

Immersion Highlights 2014-2015:

This year we learned about Monterey Bay, Marine Mammals of the Arctic, Life at the Extremes, and Secrets of the Gulf.  During our year we went on field trips to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium and to Kayak Point with WSU Beach Watchers.  We were fortunate to have 4 great mentors to help us with our lessons!!  As our Immersion Mentoring grant wrapped up we were able to take two youth to Camp Hercules in Mystic, CT.  This was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience for everyone!  This fall we will run Ancient Eruptions lessons and learn about the volcanic explosion that happened on the island of Thera over 3,600 years ago.

*If you would like to volunteer to be a MENTOR please see Christina

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        Dr. Ballard's visit to Tulalip