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The Jug Recording Studio

Anybody who ever played with Will knows about his dislike of recording. Occasionally he could be tempted into a recording studio but he usually didn’t stay there long. It was a surprise when in the late summer of 2010 he agreed to play one afternoon at the Jug in front of a tape recorder and an audience of two, myself and Mike Raimey. Later in the afternoon the audience swelled to three when Mimi did a beer run! The studio was the one in the photo above, a Sony minidisc and condenser mic kindly loaned by Dave Jensen, and Mike’s beer cooler as a mic stand. That and Will’s trusted Martin D28 was all that was needed. These recordings are as they came, we were going to have them mastered but they sound just fine as they are to us. We have split the songs up for the download page but left all the talking alone. We are not trying to make a commercial CD here, just a record of a great afternoon.

Will was in a heck of a good mood and the results speak for themselves. I hope he doesn't mind us putting this up for everyone to listen to, the songs include three written by Willy’s friend Jim Whittaker and I know Will wanted his memory to live on as we all do Wills’ because he told me so.

The songs are there for anyone to download and enjoy. Alls we ask is if that you do burn them off and enjoy them please make a donation to Will’s favourite club, American legion post 123 San Cap islands.

3/4/5 are written by Willy's friend James Craven Whittaker, if I got the titles wrong please let me know.