Nassir Ghaemi MD MPH

Program Director

Nassir Ghaemi, MD, MPH, is a professor of psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine and director of the Mood Disorders and Psychopharmacology Programs at Tufts Medical Center.
He has published more than a hundred scientific articles and several books on psychiatry. His most recent books are The Rise and Fall of the Biopsychosocial Model: Reconciling Art and Science in Psychiatry (Johns Hopkins Press, 2009), and A Clinician's  Guide to Statistics and Epidemiology in Mental Health (Cambridge University Press, July 2009).  Previous books include The Concepts of Psychiatry (Johns Hopkins Press, 2003, 2007), and Mood Disorders: A Practical Guide (2nd edition, 2007).

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Newly released by Johns Hopkins Press, this book is the first historical critique of psychiatry’s mainstream ideology, the biopsychosocial model.  The history of the BPS model is provided, and its current use is critiqued, along with better alternatives: medical humanism, based on the work of William Osler, and a method-based psychiatry, based on the work of Karl Jaspers.


Recently published. Accessible and clinically relevant, this book describes statistical concepts in plain English with minimal mathematical content. Perfect for the busy health professional, or the educated patient, who wants to know which statistics to believe - and why.
Second edition was published in 2007 and fully updated. A practical clinical handbook about the diagnosis and treatment of depression and bipolar disorder, useful for clinicians, families, and patients alike.
The Concepts of Psychiatry: A Pluralistic Approach to the Mind and Mental Illness
A philosophical study of the nature of psychiatric theory and practice. The answer to the question: What is psychiatry?  Useful for clinicians and those educated readers who want to better understand the mind and brain.
The first edited book of scholarly articles devoted to bipolar depression in English. 
Published in 2002, an edited book about the use of multiple medications together in psychiatric conditions