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Vigorous Hikers
Tuesday Hikes Schedule


NOTE: Additional information and details on each hike will be emailed to those on the group list 2 to 4 days before each hike. After it is emailed to the list it will be the top message at http://groups.google.com/group/Vigorous-Hikers. Anyone is welcome to visit the group site and signup for the weekly emails. These hikes and many more for everyone are listed on the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club [PATC] Calendar of Activities. Sierra Club's Potomac Region Outings [PRO], http://www.sierraclub.org/virginia/potomac-region-outings also lists many interesting hikes open to everyone.   

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2021 - Washington Monument State Park(PATC MAP 5)  Starting at 8:30 from the Washington Monument State Park   (LOWER parking lot) we will proceed North on the AT for approximately 7 1/2 miles and then return. (15 miles, 2000 elevation gain)
NOTE: there is a parking fee (cash or check) :Maryland residents $2, all others $4. If you have a Golden Age Pass from Maryland, your fee is "0"!

TRAIL DIRECTIONS: We will proceed north on the AT a very short distance and stop to see the first monument in the country completed and dedicated to the father of our country, George Washington, in 1827. About 1/2 way through our hike we will skirt around GreenBrier State Park, cross I-70, and then take a 1/4 mile trail, on the left, to Annapolis Rock overlook, where we may see some rock climbers. Returning to the AT we will continue North to the Pogo Memorial Campsite on your right. (For those who want to shorten their hike, this would be a convenient place to have lunch and then head south on the AT to our parking area.) Within yards past this campsite, we will turn Left and head down the Thurston Griggs Trail to the parking lot, turn around, and head back to the AT and head south back to our cars. ESTIMATED TOTAL OF 16.6 MILES AND AROUND 3170' OF ELEVATION GAIN. Link to AT map.

Leader: Bart Rhoades,  retiredrhoades@gmail.com 

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 –Buck Ridge to Sam's Ridge and back - (PATC Map 10) Buck Ridge, Hazel Mtn., White Rocks trails and back via Hazel Mtn. and Buck Hollow trails. This is about 17 miles and around 4000 feet. 
Leader:  Hunt Loftin, hloftin65@gmail.com

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 - Brown Mtn., Rocky Mtn and Big Run - We will start at Ivy Creek Overlook, milepost 77.5 on Skyline Drive (38.284033, -78.658780).  After a short walk on Skyline Drive to Brown Mountain overlook we will take the Brown Mountain Trail to Rocky Mountain Trail and on to the Big Run Portal Trail. Big Run Portal Trail to Big Run Loop Trail and on to the AT which we eill take back to the start. Approximately 17.5 miles and 2500 feet elevation.
LeaderJosh Silverman  betula54@msn.com 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 –  Austin Mt. Blackrock - Parking at the end of VA Rt 663, hike ascends the Madison Run Road and Austin Mountain Trail to the AT, north to turn on the Doyles River Trail, then the Jones Run Trail back to the AT, and back to the cars via the Blackrock Spur and Furnace Mountain Trails. The distance is 17 miles with 4100 feet of ascent. 
Leader - Tom Kloster  twk07@comcast.net 

Tuesday, June 08, 2021 - Elkwallow, Pine Knob, Neighbor Mt, AT back to Elkwallow - Northern District, Shenandoah NP (PATC Map 9):  A clockwise loop from the Elkwallow Picnic Trailhead of the Appalachian Trail near Mile 24 of the Skyline Drive; about 16.5 miles and 3500' ascent.
Leader: Leader: Marshall Wilson, marshallwilson770@gmail.com 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 - Thornton to Elkwallow and Back - We will hike 17 miles with 3000' elevation on the A T from Thornton Gap/Panorama parking to Elkwallow Wayside - Blackberry ice-cream!!! and return. Entrance to Panorama is off of Rt 211 at the Thornton Gap exit or the parking lot entrance off of Rt 211.
Leader Lou Hurwitz   lou.nutshell@hotmail.com  

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 - Old Rag, Corbin Mtn. Loop - Central District SNP.  From the Old Rag parking lot we will climb Old Rag on the Ridge Trail and then loop around the Saddle Trail, Old Rag Fire Road, Corbin Mountain, and Nicholson Hollow Tails.  There’s an opportunity for a splashdown at the end; about 16 miles with 3100 feet ascent. 
Leader: Dave Green, dkgreenva@hotmail.com 

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 – Halfmoon and White Rocks - (PATC Map F.) The hike starts on Waites Run very close to the Pond Run / Tuscarora trail and takes a counter-clockwise route. Hikers will head toward Old Mine and then German Wilson trails. After an out-and-back at Half Moon Lookout, hikers will follow Halfmoon trail and then the Tuscarora. We will stop for lunch before continuing on the Tuscarora past White Rocks to the Old Mail Path. This will take us to Wilson Cove and back to Waites Run. There will be an opportunity to cool off in the refreshing waters of Waites Run. approx.15 miles, 2500' elevation.   39.015528, -78.605237 (Capon, WV 26851) gives you the approximate location near a hunter campsite. Don't go past Pond Run trail or the bridge. 
Leader: Andrew Heron, scfcfan1966@gmail.com