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Vigorous Hikers
Tuesday Hikes Schedule


NOTE: Additional information and details on each hike will be emailed to those on the group list 2 to 4 days before each hike. After it is emailed to the list it will be the top message at http://groups.google.com/group/Vigorous-Hikers. Anyone is welcome to visit the group site and signup for the weekly emails. These hikes and many more for everyone are listed on the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club [PATC] Calendar of Activities. Sierra Club's Potomac Region Outings [PRO], http://www.sierraclub.org/virginia/potomac-region-outings also lists many interesting hikes open to everyone.

Tuesday October 9 - Fast tour of Rock Creek Park and D.C. Trails - (PATC Map N) This is the 10th annual DC grand circuit. We will travel around 19 miles and ascend over 2000’, yet only need to use a handful of city blocks to do it. The rest of the way will be through Washington’s beautiful and historic parks, with much of the trip near and along Rock Creek. 
Leader: Bob Livezey  bobbilbo@msn.com    

Tuesday, October 16, 2018, - Leading Ridge/Hannah Run/Nicholson Hollow/Crusher Ridge, Central District SNP. (PATC Map 10) Starting at the access road (669) to Leading Ridge hikers will complete a tough climb to the AT, follow along Skyline to Hannah Run and take it down to Nicholson Hollow. Hikers will then climb back up to the AT passing Corbin Cabin on the way. Hikers will then descend Crusher ridge down to 669, make a right and head for the parked cars near the Leading Ridge Trail. Approximately 16 miles and over 4300 feet of ascent. Options available to shorten the hike.
Leader: Rick True  rwtgwu1961@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 23–  Austin Mt. Blackrock - Parking at the end of VA Rt 663, hike ascends the Madison Run Road and Austin Mountain Trail to the AT, north to turn on the Doyles River Trail, then the Jones Run Trail back to the AT, and back to the cars via the Blackrock Spur and Furnace Mountain Trails. The distance is 17 miles with 4100 feet of ascent.
Leader - Tom Kloster  twk07@comcast.net

Tuesday October 30  - Pocosin Hollow, Bearfence and Back: (PACT map 10) Form parking area on 667, up Pocosin Hollow trail and Pocosin Fire Road past the PACT Pocosin Cabin to the AT. Then we will go north on the AT to the Bearfence Trail loop and back to Slaughter Trail and down to Rt. 667 and back to cars. Approximately 16 miles and 3400 feet elevation.
Leader: Gene Whitaker  genewhit@gmail.com

Tuesday, November 6 Elizabeth Furnace/Buzzard Rocks Overlook: (PATC Map G)Starting at the Elizabeth Furnace parking area hikers will do a figure 8  to include Shawl Gap, Sherman Gap, Meneka Peak, and the Tuscarora Trail. About 17 miles and 4000' of elevation.
Leader:  David Saah  davidm.saah@gmail.com

November 13  – Pennsylvania’s Pine Grove Furnace and Kings Gap State Parks and Michaux State Forest – Starting at Pine Grove Furnace’s Laurel Lake, we will explore some of the trails in the area including Pole Steeple, the AT, Buck Ridge, Hammonds Rocks, and Kings Gap.  There will be an opportunity for a splashdown in Laurel Lake; about 18 miles with 3000 feet of ascent with shortcut options.
Leader: Dave Green, dkgreenva@hotmail.com – 703/536-5189

Tuesday, November 20 - Sugarloaf Mt. Triple-Loop Tour, Maryland. We'll complete 6 of 7 colored trails along with part of the 7th, the Yellow Trail, to total 15.5 miles and 3500 feet of ascent.
Leader: Bob Livezey bobbilbo@msn.com

Tuesday, November 27 - Potomac Heritage Trail- Potomac Heritage Trail from Turkey Run Park to Teddy Roosevelt Island and return. 18 miles with 2000’ of elevation. Meet 8am at Turkey Run Park off of George Washington Parkway.
Lou Hurwitz lou.nutshell@hotmail.com

Tuesday, December 4  - Jordan River Loop - (PATC Map 9). Parking at the end of SR 629, we'll ascend the Jordan River Trail and continue to the AT at Gravel Springs Gap via the Mt Marshall and Bluff trails. We'll then hike north on the AT to Jenkins Gap and back to the cars via the Mt Marshall and Jordan River trails. About 16 miles with 2500 feet of ascent. (38.77237, -78.16042)
Leader -
Mike Christiani, mike@cptrllc.com

Tuesday, December 11  – Old Rag/Robertson Circuit with a Negro Run Off Trail Venture, SNP.  Starting at the Old Rag parking lot, we will climb Old Rag and then descend to White Oak Canyon.  We will then venture up Negro Run to visit waterfalls before completing the circuit with a climb of Robertson Mountain.  About 15 miles and 5000 feet of ascent with less vigorous and non-bushwhacking options.
Leader – Dave Green dkgreenva@hotmail.com

Tuesday, December 18   - Pine Hill Trail to AT – Back on Broad Hollow Trail  –We will start at the parking area off Rt. 681 and go down the road, up Pine Hill Gap trail down, down the Short Mtn. Trail, up the Hannah Run trail and across to and up the AT. We will return via the Hazel Mtn. and Broad Hollow trials to the start. Approximately 18 miles and 3900 feet elevation gain. Numerous short cut alternatives available. See attached map.
Leader: Gene Whitaker, GeneWhit@gmail.com

Wednesday December 26- Arlington Triangle hike - From Bluemont Park, the hike will follow local bike trails with a loop around Roosevelt Island for a total of 18.5 miles at a fast pace, with negligible elevation change.
Leader: Tom Kloster  twk07@comcast.net