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Vigorous Hikers
Tuesday Hikes Schedule


NOTE: Additional information and details on each hike will be emailed to those on the group list 2 to 4 days before each hike. After it is emailed to the list it will be the top message at http://groups.google.com/group/Vigorous-Hikers. Anyone is welcome to visit the group site and signup for the weekly emails. These hikes and many more for everyone are listed on the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club [PATC] Calendar of Activities. Sierra Club's Potomac Region Outings [PRO], http://www.sierraclub.org/virginia/potomac-region-outings also lists many interesting hikes open to everyone.

Tuesday December 5 - SNP – Marys Rock Bushwhack and Hazel Mountain Hike.  (PATC Map 10)  Something for everyone. Starting at Thornton Gap, we will determine whether it’s faster to bushwhack up to Marys Rock or take the trail.  Afterward the bushwhackers and hikers will join forces for some fast paced hiking in the Hazel Mountain region including White Rocks and The Pinnacle.  16 miles and 4000 feet of ascent with short cut options.
Leader - Dave Green dkgreenva@hotmail.com 703-536-5189

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - Hemlock Overlook to Fountainhead Park and Return.  We will hike the Bull Run Occoquan Trail from Hemlock Park in Clifton, Va. through Bull Run Marina to Fountainhead Park. Out and back, 22 miles and 3300 ft of ascent.
Leader - Steve Brown, swbmit77@verizon.net

Tuesday, December 19 -  Dicky Ridge -AT Northern District SNP (Map 9) - We will climb Dickey Ridge to the Appalachian Trail then head North on the AT until we come to Rt 522. This hike will involve a SHUTTLE so please be on time at the Dickey Ridge trail head in order to arrange shuttles. Approximately, 3700 feet and 19 miles.
Leader - Mike Christiani, mike@cptrllc.com

Tuesday, December 26 - Arlington Triangle hike - From Bluemont Park, the hike will follow local bike trails with a loop around Roosevelt Island for a total of 18.5 miles at a fast pace, with negligible elevation change.
Leader: Tom Kloster twk07@comcast.net

Tuesday January 2 - Hickerson Hollow, Lands Run Bushwhack, and AT. (PATC Map 9) Starting where the AT crosses US 522 southeast of Front Royal, we will proceed to Lands Run Gap via Hickerson Hollow, descend the Lands Run Gap Road and then bushwhack up Lands Run to visit some waterfalls. We will then return to the starting point via the AT. About 13 miles with 3200 feet of ascent. For non-bushwhackers and those wishing more mileage, we may visit Compton Peak.
Leader - Dave Green dkgreenva@hotmail.com 703-536-5189

Tuesday January 9 - A Slice of HAM. - End-to-end hike on the Maryland AT from the Weaverton Rd parking lot north to the parking lot just over the Interstate 70 footbridge, with cars pre-positioned for return to the starting point. The distance will be 19.5 miles with about 4100 feet of ascent.
Leader: Tom Kloster twk07@comcast.net

Tuesday, January 16 Piney Ridge–AT–Hull School Trail Loop -- (PATC Map 9) Starting at the Keyser Run Fire Road at the end of VA614, we’ll take the Hull School Trail to the Piney Branch Trail and Piney Ridge Trail then climb to the Appalachian Trail and take it south to Beahm’s Gap.  Return via the Hull School Trail to parking. Approximately 17 miles with 3,500’ elevation gain.
 Leader: Steve Brown swbmit77@verizon.net

Tuesday, January 23 – Mt Marshall and Around.  Northern Section of SNP (PATC Map 9). Starting at the end of SR 625, we'll climb the Mt Marshall trail to the Bluff trail which we'll follow to the AT.  Hiking north on the AT to Jenkins Gap, we'll return to the cars via the Mt Marshall trail. About 18 miles and 3000 feet of ascent.
Leader: Josh Silverman  betula54@msn.com

Tuesday, January 30, 2017 Elizabeth Furnace/Signal Knob -- (PATC Map G) Starting at Elizabeth Furnace, hikers will do a figure-8 to Shawl Gap, Sherman Gap, Signal Knob, and Bear Wallow back down to Elizabeth Furnace. 17 miles and about 3800' elevation. Leader: David Saah davidm.saah@gmail.com

Tuesday February 6 - Great Falls and Riverbend Parks (VA). Description: We’ll hike about 15 miles exploring Great Falls NP trails, up Difficult Run a bit, and then over to Riverbend Park. Rocks, cliffs, woods, streams, and the Potomac.
LeaderBob Livezey  bobbilbo@msn.com

Tuesday, February 13Cabin John Trail in Bethesda, Md. - We will do 17.6 miles in an out and back on the Cabin John Trail in Bethesda, Md. Start on MacArthur Blvd and go to Goya Drive and return.
Leader: Lou Hurwitz  lou.nutshell@hotmail.com

Tuesday, February 20 - Whiteoak Canyon and Hawksbill Mountain. (PATC Map 10) We will start at the Whiteoak Canyon Parking lot off Rte 600, we will then follow the Whiteoak Canyon Trail to the Horse Trail and cross the Skyline Drive and up to the top of Hawksbill. We will take the Salamander trail to the AT and on to Fishers Gap, then back via the Horse Trail and down Cedar Run Trail. (17 miles with 3,500 feet of elevation gain).
Leader:  Phil Ayliff  philip.ayliff@kwccpa.com

Tuesday, February 27 - Up Piney River & Down Thornton River: (PACT Map 9). - Starting at the end Rt. 612 we will go up the AT via Thornton River, Hull School, Fork Mtn., Piney Ridge and Piney Branch trails. After lunch at Elkwallow Wayside we will return using the full length of the Thornton River Trail. Approximately 18 miles and 3500 feet elevation.
Gene Whitaker  genewhit@gmail.com