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Past Hikes

The following are the hikes led by the Vigorous Hikers leaders over the past years for use by leaders in planning future hikes:

 2018 Hikes – Hiked and Planed
(see documents below for previous hikes)

Wednesday December 26, 2018 - Arlington Triangle hike - From Bluemont Park, the hike will follow local bike trails with a loop around Roosevelt Island for a total of 18.5 miles at a fast pace, with negligible elevation change.
Leader: Tom Kloster  twk07@comcast.net  

Tuesday, December 18, 2018  - Sugarloaf Mt. Triple-Loop Tour, Maryland. We'll complete 6 of 7 colored trails along with part of the 7th, the Yellow Trail, to total 15.5 miles and 3500 feet of ascent.
Leader: Bob Livezey bobbilbo@msn.com

Tuesday, December 11, 2018  – Old Rag/Robertson Circuit with a Negro Run Off Trail Venture, SNP.  Starting at the Old Rag parking lot, we will climb Old Rag and then descend to White Oak Canyon.  We will then venture up Negro Run to visit waterfalls before completing the circuit with a climb of Robertson Mountain.  About 15 miles and 5000 feet of ascent with less vigorous and non-bushwhacking options.
Leader – Dave Green dkgreenva@hotmail.com

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - Jordon River Loop - (PATC Map 9). Parking at the end of SR 629, we'll ascend the Jordon River Trail and continue to the AT at Gravel Springs Gap via the Mt Marshall and Bluff trails. We'll then hike north on the AT to Jenkins Gap and back to the cars via the Mt Marshall and Jordon River trails. About 16 miles with 2500 feet of ascent. (38.77237, -78.16042)
Leader -
Mike Christiani, mike@cptrllc.com

Tuesday, November 27 - Potomac Heritage Trail- Potomac Heritage Trail from Turkey Run Park to Teddy Roosevelt Island and return. 18 miles with 2000’ of elevation. Meet 8am at Turkey Run Park off of George Washington Parkway.
Lou Hurwitz lou.nutshell@hotmail.com

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 – Pine Hill Trail to AT – Back on Broad Hollow Trail  –We will start at the parking area off Rt. 681 and go down the road, up Pine Hill Gap trail down, down the Short Mtn. Trail, up the Hannah Run trail and across to and up the AT. We will return via the Hazel Mtn. and Broad Hollow trials to the start. Approximately 17.5 miles and 3900 feet elevation gain. Numerous short cut alternatives available. See attached map. (15.5 miles if shortcut and go down Skyline Drive)
Leader: Gene Whitaker, GeneWhit@gmail.com

November 13, 2018 – Pennsylvania’s Pine Grove Furnace and Kings Gap State Parks and Michaux State Forest – Starting at Pine Gove Furnace’s Laurel Lake, we will explore some of the trails in the area including Pole Steeple, the AT, Buck Ridge, Hammonds Rocks, and Kings Gap.  There will be an opportunity for a splashdown in Laurel Lake; about 18 miles with 3000 feet of ascent with shortcut options.
Leader: Dave Green, dkgreenva@hotmail.com – 703/536-5189

Tuesday, November 6, 2018--Elizabeth Furnace/Buzzard Rocks Overlook: (PATC Map G)Starting at the Elizabeth Furnace parking area hikers will do a figure 8  to include Shawl Gap, Sherman Gap, Meneka Peak, and the Tuscarora Trail. About 17.3 miles and 3300 of elevation.
Leader:  David Saah  davidm.saah@gmail.com

Tuesday October 30, 2018 - Robertson Mtn. and on Dry Hike. (PATC Map 10) Starting from the Old Rag parking lot (Nethers) we will hike up the fire road and over Robertson Mtn. We will then continue up the Fire Road, Skyland –Big Meadows Horse trail and the At to the top of Stony Man Mtn. We will return using the AT Nicholson Hollow, Indian Run, Corbin Mtn., Fire Road, Corbin Hollow (it’s stream crossing should be OK) Trails and the Fire Road. (Approximately 18.5 miles and 4,900 feet elevation)
Leader: Gene Whitaker  genewhit@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 –  Austin Mt. Blackrock - Parking at the end of VA Rt 663, hike ascends the Madison Run Road and Austin Mountain Trail to the AT, north to turn on the Doyles River Trail, then the Jones Run Trail back to the AT, and back to the cars via the Blackrock Spur and Furnace Mountain Trails. The distance is 17 miles with 4100 feet of ascent.
Leader -
Tom Kloster  twk07@comcast.net

Tuesday, October 16, 2018, - Leading Ridge/Hannah Run/Nicholson Hollow/Crusher Ridge, Central District SNP. (PATC Map 10) Starting at the access road (669) to Leading Ridge hikers will complete a tough climb to the AT, follow along Skyline to Hannah Run and take it down to Nicholson Hollow. Hikers will then climb back up to the AT passing Corbin Cabin on the way. Hikers will then descend Crusher ridge down to 669, make a right and head for the parked cars near the Leading Ridge Trail. Approximately 16 miles and over 4300 feet of ascent. Options available to shorten the hike.
Leader: Rick True  rwtgwu1961@gmail.com

Tuesday October 9, 2018 - Fast tour of Rock Creek Park and D.C. Trails. - (PATC Map N) This is the 10th annual DC grand circuit. We will travel around 19 miles and ascend over 2000’, yet only need to use a handful of city blocks to do it. The rest of the way will be through Washington’s beautiful and historic parks, with much of the trip near and along Rock Creek. 
Leader: Bob Livezey  bobbilbo@msn.com

Tuesday October 2, 2018  - - Appalachian Trail, Compton Peak, Jenkins Gap, Hickerson Hollow - Northern District SNP (Map 9) - Appalachian Trail south, to Jenkins Gap; Jenkins Gap Trail to Route 634;  onto Route 622 to Lands Run Gap Road up to the gap at Skyline Drive; Hickerson Hollow Trail to Route 600 to Route 602 to Appalachian Trail.
Leader:  Mike Christiani   mike@cptrllc.com

Tuesday, September 25, 2018  - Thornton Gap/Panorama to Elk Wallow and return: (PATC map 9) From Thornton Gap/Panorama we will hike g north on the A T to Elkwallow Wayside and return. About 18 miles and 3000 ft. elevation gain. Shorter options available since it is out and back.
Leader: Lou Hurwitz  lou.nutshell@hotmail.com

Tuesday, September 18, 2018  - (Cancelled due to hurricane rain and high water) 

Tuesday, Sept 11, 2018  -- Browns Hollow/Catherine Furnace: Starting at the commuter lot on VA 211 near New Market hikers will head south on the Massanutten, Browns Hollow, and Roaring Run trails and then do a counter-clockwise loop with CR 1618A, passing Catherine Furnace.  Hikers will continue north on Roaring Run, Massanutten, Birds Knob, and Massanutten again to return to the commuter lot. 19 miles and 4100' of gain. PATC Map H.
Leader: David Saah davidm.saah@gmail.com

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - Buzzard Rock/North Massanutten.  (PATC Map G). 8:00am. Starting at the Buzzard Rock Trailhead on Route 619, we will take the Buzzard Rock Trail to Shawl Gap, where we will make a loop including the Shawl Gap Trail, Route 613, Sherman Gap Trail, and the Massanutten Trail, and then return on the Buzzard Rock Trail. About 16 miles and 3000 feet of elevation gain.
Leader: Joan D'Alonzo  joandalonzo@gmail.com 

Tuesday, August 28 - North of New Market Gap- Starting from New Market Gap we will hike a northern loop visiting the summit of both Stickler and Duncan Knobs. Approximately 15 miles with 2500’ of elevation gain.
Leader: Steve Brown, swbmit77@verizon.net

Tuesday, August 21 - AT Out and Back, Thornton Gap to Little Stony Man Cliffs - Central District SNP. (PATC Map 10)  Stay high, stay cool.  Non-stop great views on this AT out and back with a short side trip to Mary's Rock - 17 miles and about 4000 feet of ascent.
 Bob Livezey

Tuesday, August 14 - Old Rag, Corbin Mtn. and Back - Central District SNP. (PATC Map 10) From the Old Rag parking lot hike up the Old Rag Ridge Trail and take the Saddle Trail down and then up the Old Rag Fire Rd. and down the Corbin Mtn. Trail to the Nicholson Hollow Tail. After a cooling dip in the swimming hole we will return to the parking lot. (About 16 miles and 3100 feet elevation gain.)
Leader: Mike Christiani  mike@cptrllc.com

Tuesday, August. 7  Pond Run/White Rocks- Starting where the Old Mine Trail intersects Waites Run Road, hikers will head toward Pond Run and climb the trail to Half Moon Overlook. Hikers will then double back to the Tuscarora before descending on Old Mail and Wilson Cove. PATC Map F. ca. 17 miles, and 2500' of climbing.
Leader: David Saah  davidm.saah@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 31 - Nethers, Stony Man and Back - Central District SNP. (PATC Map 10) From the Old Rag parking lot we will go up Nicholson Hollow Trail, the AT to the Stony Man peak for lunch. We will return via the Horse Trail, Old Rag Fire Road, Corbin Mtn., and Nicholson Hollow Trails. Approximately 18 miles and 3300 feet ascent. Short cut alternatives are available. 
Leader: Gene Whitaker, GeneWhit@gmal.com

Tuesday, July, 24 --Trout Pond/Gr. N. Mtn. (PATC Map F) We will do a figure-8 circuit to include Trout Pond, Great N. Mtn.,  Laurel Spur and Run, Stack Rock, and Long Trails back to TPRA. We will be able to cool off in Rockcliff Lake.  17 mi., 3200' elevation.
Josh Silverman, betula54@msn.com

Tuesday, July 17 - Cacapon State Park Hike with optional Splashdown. 8:45am. Starting at the nature center, we will explore the park using the park trails, a fire road and a gravel road, making two climbs of Cacapon Mountain. Optional splashdown at the swimming beach afterward. About 16 miles, 3400 feet elevation gain.
Leader: Joan D'Alonzo, 302-530-4202, joandalonzo@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 10 - Around Hazel Mountain. (PACT Map 10) Starting at Rt. 600 and ascend to the AT via Hazel River, White Rocks, Hazel Mt., and Meadow Spring Trails. Then follow the AT south to the Leading Ridge Trail and return to the start via the Skyline Drive and Hanna Run, Catlett Mt., Hazel Mt. and Sam’s Ridge Trails. About 16 miles with a total of 3600 ft of ascent.
Leader: Tom Kloster

Tuesday, July 3 – Big Meadows Luncheon with Rose River Splash Down – Central District SNP. From the Rose River trailhead, we will visit President Hoover’s Rapidan Camp before having a leisurely lunch at Big Meadows Lodge.  After lunch we will descend to the trailhead for a splash down in the Rose River; about 18 miles with 3000 feet of ascent.
Leader: Dave Green, dkgreenva@hotmail.com

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 – Overall Run -  Northern SNP (PATC Map 9). Parking at the end of VA 630 out of Bentonville, we’ll start on the Thompson Hollow Trail, turning right on the Overall Run Trail to the Beecher-Overall Connecting Trail. From there we’ll ascend to the Matthews Arm Campground on the Heiskell Hollow Trail. From Matthews Arm, we’ll follow the Elkwallow Trail to turn north on the AT and then back to the starting point on the Overall Run Trail. This circuit is about 16 miles with about 3500 ft of climb.
Tom Kloster  twk07@comcast.net

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 Vigorous Hikers - Knob Mountain/Neighbor Mountain Loop.  (PATC Map 9)  Starting at the Jeremy’s Run Trailhead, a clockwise loop of the Knob Mt., Appalachian, and Neighbor Mt. Trails with a splash-down near the end.  About 18.5 miles and 3500’ of ascent.
Mike Christiani  mike@cptrllc.com

Tuesday, June 12, 2018  - Nethers, Passamaquoddy, Skyland and Back - Central District SNP. (PATC Map 10) From the Old Rag parking lot we will go up Nicholson Hollow Trail, the AT and the Passamaquoddy Trail to Skyland's back door for a relaxing lunch in the restaurant or on the lawn. We will return via the Horse Trail, Old Rag Fire Road, Corbin Mtn., and Nicholson Hollow Trails. Approximately 18 miles and 3300 feet ascent. Short cut alternatives are available.
Steve Brown  swbmit77@verizon.net

Tuesday, June 5, 2018  – Massanutten Hike and Shenandoah Paddle (PATC Map G).  Beginning at the Downriver Canoe Company (http://www.downriver.com) at Bentonville Landing, climb the Tuscarora Trail to the Massanutten Trail south, descend the Indian Grave Ridge Trail to Seak Ford Landing, pick up the delivered kayaks or canoes to paddle down the Shenandoah back to Bentonville Landing. 12 miles hiking, 1800 ft. ascent, 12 miles paddling. Canoe/kayak reservations will be made by the Leader in advance. Non-paddling option available.
 Leader: Barry Winkelman (cfarerinc@gmail.com) 301-367-7547

Tuesday, May 29 - Vigorous Hikers - Little Schloss and Big Schloss Loop.  (PATC Map F)  Start and finish (with splashdown) at Little Stony Creek counterclockwise to the two most prominent rock outcroppings in the Great North Mt., GWNF.  About 18 miles and 3000’ of ascent. 
Bob Livezey  bobbilbo@msn.com

Tuesday, May 22, 2018  - AT/Sky Meadows. (PATC map 8).Beginning at the AT parking lot on Rte. 601 just north of Rte. 50, we will head south on the AT to Sky Meadows State Park where we will explore the trails and enjoy the views. About 17 miles with 3000 ft. of ascent.
Leader: Joan D’Alonzo - 
joandalonzo@gmail.com  302-530-4202

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - Cunningham Falls Catoctin Mtn. Parks: PATC Map 5-6. This will be a clockwise circuit of both Cunningham Falls and Catoctin Mtn. Parks starting at Cunningham Falls Manor Area/Visitor Center. Total elevation gain will be close to 3400' covering about 17 miles of trails. 
David Saah davidm.saah@gmail.com 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018  - Staunton River Trail Loop – Central District SNP - (PATC Map 10): We will climb the Staunton River Trail, Jones Mountain Trail, Cat Knob Trail, and Laurel Prong Trail to the AT. We’ll then head north on the AT to Milam Gap. We’ll descend the Mill Prong Trail through Rapidan Camp and return to the start via the Laurel Prong, Fork Mountain and Staunton River Trails. Approximately 20 miles with 4600 ft of climb. A shortcut for a 15 mile hike is available.
Leader: Gene Whitaker  genewhit@gmail.com

Tuesday, May 1, 2018  - Massanutten-Runkles Gap Splashdown.  GWNF (PATC Map H).  Starting at Runkles Gap we will explore some trails at the southern end of Massanutten Mountain with Kaylor Knob, Massanutten Peak, and The Kettle as highlights.  At the end of the hike, there will be an opportunity for a cooling splashdown in Boone Run.  About 15 miles with 3000 feet of ascent.
Leader:  Dave Green dkgreenva@hotmail.com

 Tuesday April 24 , 2018 - Austin Mt. Blackrock - Parking at the end of VA Rt 663, hike ascends the Madison Run Road and Austin Mountain Trail to the AT, north to turn on the Doyles River Trail, then the Jones Run Trail back to the AT, and back to the cars via the Blackrock Spur and Furnace Mountain Trails. The distance is 17 miles with 4100 feet of ascent. (N38.25685 W78.76920)
Leader: Tom Kloster  twk07@comcast.net

Tuesday April 17, 2018 AT North from Linden - (PATC Map 8) A fast paced hike on the AT from Linden to Sky Meadows SP; annual Trillium Hike. Distance will be 18 miles with around 3000 feet of elevation gain.
Leader: Joan D Alonzo  joandalonzo@gmail.com

Tuesday April 10, 2018 - Little Devils Stairs, Northern District SNP -  (PATC Map 9) Parking at the base of Little Devils Stairs Trail (near the end of SR614), we’ll climb Little Devils Stairs Trail to the AT via the Pole Bridge and Sugarloaf Trails.  We’ll then head south on the AT to the Neighbor Mountain trail and back to the start via the Hull School trail and the Keyser Run Fire Rd. Total of about 18 miles, with 4300 ft. of climb. 
Leader -
Josh Silverman betula54@msn.com

Tuesday April 3, 2018 - 15th Redbud, Maryland Edition - We’ll attempt the entire length of the Catoctin Trail, 26.5 miles and about 5000’ of ascent. And we’ll do it with a normal carpool meeting time! Bailouts at approximately 20.5 and 22.5 miles possible.
Bob Livezey    bobbilbo@msn.com

Tuesday March 27, 2018 - Roller Coaster - Roller Coaster - Beginning at the parking lot on route 7 we will hike south on the AT 12 miles to the trail leading to the Myron Glaser cabin and return to 605 for shuttles back to rte 7. Elev. 5000', 17.25 miles. PATC Map 8.
Leader: David Saah davidm.saah@gmail.com  703.596.2358

Tuesday March 20, 2018 - Up Buck Hollow and Around and Back – (PATC map 10) From the Rt. 211 parking area above Sperryville we will climb Buck Hollow and Skyline Drive to Hanna Run. We will then go down Hanna Run to Nicholson Hollow and up Hot Short Mtn. Trail. We will then take Hazel Mtn. Trail to Buck Ridge and back to the parking area.(17.5 miles and 3800 ft. of climb)
Leader: Gene Whitaker, GeneWhit@gmail.com

Tuesday, March 13, 2018  Cleared deadfalls and debris from trails felled by windstorm.

Tuesday March 6, 2018 - Tuscarora Trail, Devil’s Backbone and Capon Springs Relo. -  (PATC Maps F and L, although the “Relo” isn’t shown.) A beautiful 15-mile (2000’ of ascent) ridge tour from above the Shawnee Reservation south to Route 55 with a car shuttle.
Leader: Mike Christiani  mike@cptrllc.com

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - Up Piney River & Down Thornton River: (PACT Map 9). - Starting at the end Rt. 612 we will go up the AT via Thornton River, Hull School, Fork Mtn., Piney Ridge and Piney Branch trails. After lunch at Elkwallow Wayside we will return using the full length of the Thornton River Trail. Approximately 18 miles and 3500 feet elevation.
Gene Whitaker  genewhit@gmail.com    N38.69256 W78.27162

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - Whiteoak Canyon and Hawksbill Mountain. (PATC Map 10) We will start at the Whiteoak Canyon Parking lot off Rte 600, we will then follow the Whiteoak Canyon Trail to the Horse Trail and cross the Skyline Drive and up to the top of Hawksbill. We will take the Salamander trail to the AT and on to Fishers Gap, then back via the Horse Trail and down Cedar Run Trail. (17 miles with 3,500 feet of elevation gain).
 Phil Ayliff  philip.ayliff@kwccpa.com

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 Cabin John Trail in Bethesda, Md. - We will do 17.6 miles in an out and back on the Cabin John Trail in Bethesda, Md. Start on MacArthur Blvd and go to Goya Drive and return.
Lou Hurwitz  lou.nutshell@hotmail.com

Tuesday February 6, 2018 - Great Falls and Riverbend Parks (VA). Description: We’ll hike about 15 miles exploring Great Falls NP trails, up Difficult Run a bit, and then over to Riverbend Park. Rocks, cliffs, woods, streams, and the Potomac.
Bob Livezey  bobbilbo@msn.com

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - Elizabeth Furnace/Signal Knob -- (PATC Map G) Starting at Elizabeth Furnace, hikers will do a figure-8 to Shawl Gap, Sherman Gap, Meneka Peak, and Bear Wallow back down to Elizabeth Furnace. 17.5 miles and about 3800' elevation.
Leader: David Saah davidm.saah@gmail.com

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 – Mt Marshall and Around.  Northern Section of SNP (PATC Map 9). Starting at the end of SR 625, we'll climb the Mt Marshall trail to the Bluff trail which we'll follow to the AT.  Hiking north on the AT to Jenkins Gap, we'll return to the cars via the Mt Marshall trail. About 18 miles and 3000 feet of ascent.
Leader: Josh Silverman  betula54@msn.com

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - Piney Ridge–AT–Hull School Trail Loop -- (PATC Map 9) Starting at the Keyser Run Fire Road at the end of VA614, we’ll take the Hull School Trail to the Piney Branch Trail and Piney Ridge Trail then climb to the Appalachian Trail and take it south to Beahm’s Gap.  Return via the Hull School Trail to parking. Approximately 17 miles with 3,500’ elevation gain.
 Leader: Steve Brown swbmit77@verizon.net

Tuesday January 9, 2018  - A Slice of HAM. - End-to-end hike on the Maryland AT from the Weaverton Rd parking lot north to the parking lot just over the Interstate 70 footbridge, with cars pre-positioned for return to the starting point. The distance will be 19.5 miles with about 4100 feet of ascent.
Tom Kloster twk07@comcast.net

Tuesday January 2, 2018 - Hickerson Hollow, Lands Run Bushwhack, and AT. (PATC Map 9) Starting where the AT crosses US 522 southeast of Front Royal, we will proceed to Lands Run Gap via Hickerson Hollow, descend the Lands Run Gap Road and then bushwhack up Lands Run to visit some waterfalls. We will then return to the starting point via the AT. About 13 miles with 3200 feet of ascent. For non-bushwhackers and those wishing more mileage, we may visit Compton Peak.
Leader - Dave Green dkgreenva@hotmail.com 703-536-5189

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