Self Publishing

Let your voice be heard via your own blog, web site or wiki.  See demonstrations and examples of free web-based publishing tools and get step-by-step instructions for starting your own.  It's never been easier to join the conversation. 

Step OneWhat's a Blog? - Blogs in Plain English from CommonCraft
  • Chronological entries - most recent first
  • Tags
  • Comments
  • RSS feed
  • Post photos, audio, video, & links
  • Easy to share
Why blog?
  • Publishing used to be limited to large companies with big bankrolls - media giants of print, radio & television. 
  • Now the world is your audience.
  • Expand your horizons, and learn something new.
  • Participate in the conversation for personal enrichment or just because you can.
  • Let your light shine!!
Blog Topics
Step TwoCreate your own blog

Step ThreeOR ... Create your own web site

or Wiki = Collaborate!

If you are interested in a domain name and hosting, we use ...

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