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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) technology brings the web to you, allowing automatic notification any time your favorite web sites are updated.  Learn how to set up an RSS Reader and subscribe to your favorite content. In addition, there are free podcasts (internet "talk radio") available on every topic under the sun and with RSS you won't miss a single episode.

Step One
What is RSS?

  • RSS in Plain English from Common Craft (Video)

Step Two
Set up RSS software

Alternatives to Google Reader

  1. Web based - iGoogle and Bloglines
  2. Browser based - Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox (Video) and Chrome (Extension)
  3. E-mail based - Outlook and Thunderbird
  4. E-mail delivery - Tabbloid and Feed My Inbox
  5. Mobile RSS Readers - NewsRack

Step Three
Sallie's top ten favorite feeds

  1. Whatever - photography, crafts, moms
  2. Paper Delights - Rubber stamping techniques mixed with Christian insight
  3. Comics (tie) - For Better or For Worse & Dilbert
  4. Lifehacker - tech, diy, productivity, miscellaneous
  5. Word of the Day
  6. Free Technology For Teachers - tech, education
  7. WELS Topical Q&A - All WELS feeds are listed here
  8. CNN
  9. Social (tie) - my Twitter account & my Facebook friends
  10. The Pioneer Woman - life on a cattle ranch from the perspective of a creative, homeschooling, cookbook writing mom of 4

Take it to the next level ...

Podcasts are RSS feeds with audio. Listen on your computer or MP3 player. They will come into your standard feed reader. An alternate place to search for them and manage subscriptions is in iTunes. A few favorites include

  1. Podcacher - A weekly podcast about Geocaching
  2. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
  3. Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! - NPR weekly radio news quiz with improve comedy punch
  4. Car Talk - NPR weekly radio show featuring Click & Clack, auto geniuses
  5. The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd - A family-friendly time-travel adventure
  6. WELSTech - Weekly tech in ministry podcast
You may also find interesting video podcasts, which perform in the same way, including ...