Images & Video

The popularity of image and video sharing has skyrocketed with sites like Flickr, Picassa and YouTube.  Find out how to set up an account and share your images and video.  Also see demonstration of many free resources for editing images and video, including popular tools for creating animated photo slide shows.

Working With ImagesThis is a featured page

Organize your image files, edit & share

Step One
Organize your files - (Video)

  • Set up and follow a systematic storage system
  • Consider organizing in a folder hierarchy by date - Year > Month > Day-Description
Step TwoEdit using - (WELSTech Editing Images Basics)

  • Upload images, Edit and Save
The core image editing functions

  • Resize - Large (over 1,000 pixels) is great for printing; Small (under 800 pixels) is great for sharing on the web and via e-mail
  • Crop - Zero in on a portion of your image
  • Rotate
  • Color correction
  • Annotate with text, images and frames
Step Three
Backup, share and print via the web - 

Batch image editors

Working With VideoThis is a featured page

Create photo slide shows and screencast videos - Host and share video online

Step One
Create animated photo slide shows - (Video)

  • Download and install Microsoft Photo Story
  • Add photos desired text and audio, tweak animation, select background music
  • Make slideshows online with Animoto
Step Two
Create screencast video

Step Three
Host video online