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The Google suite of tools goes far beyond it's well-known search engine.  See demonstrations of Google's flavor of calendaring, e-mail, books, websites, word processing, and more.  The free tool-set allows users to compute "in the cloud" from any internet connection, no local software required.  It also makes sharing with others simple.

Step OneGet a Google account
First, a decision ... Do you want an e-mail address?
Step TwoExplore the possibilities
  1. Google Calendar - Steps for creating & sharing (including video tutorials) courtesy of BWTG (Bonus WELSTech Goodness) Episode 077 from the WELSTech Podcast (St. John's uses Google Calendar)
  2. Gmail (Getting Started Guide | Become a Gmail Ninja | Ninja Reference (PDF) | Video)

  3. Google Docs (Google Docs in Plain English | Google Docs Tour)

  4. Google Sites (Overview | Help)

  5. iGoogle (What is iGoogle | HelpVideo)
Step ThreeThere's even more fun in store
  1. Google Wave (Video Overview)
  2. Google Groups (Tour | Help)
  3. Google Books (About | Help | WELSTech 099)
  4. Google Maps (User Guide | Help)

  5. Google Earth (Tour | Gallery | Download)
  6. Google Doodles (Pac Man's 30th Anniversary Interactive Doodle | Doodle 4 Google)
  7. Even more ...

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Google Tools

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